Modern English announces ‘1234’, their new album

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Over time the respected band continues to innovate.

Modern English is synonymous with consistency, as it has maintained a main lineup since 1977. Composed by the vocalist Robbie Flockthe guitarist Gary McDowellthe bassist Mike Conroy and the keyboard player Stephen walkernow preparing to launch 1 2 3 4, their new album. Produced by Mario McNultymixed by Cenzo Townsend and mastered in abbey road It will premiere on February 23.

The album of 10 tracks it will sound punk “Long in the Tooth”, “Plastic”. While the synth in “Not Fake”, “Crazy Lovers”. And for gothic fans, there will be two darkwave gems Exploding and “Out to Lunch”. Thus remembering the first days of experimentation during the postpunk wake, when it emerged Modern English.


  1. “Long in the Tooth”
  2. “Not My Leader”
  3. “Not Fake”
  4. Exploding
  5. “Plastic”
  6. “Crazy Lovers”
  7. “I Know Your Soul”
  8. “Genius”
  9. “Out to Lunch” “Voices”

During the pandemic, Conroy and Flock They began to create music for 1 2 3 4collaborating remotely and inspired by the first LP of Siouxsie and in the recordings of David Bowie with Mick Ronson. After creating several new songs, the band chose to give it a raw and energetic sound, recording few takes with minimal overdubs.

Therefore, a nostalgic touch is expected. But while we wait for this material, we leave you the track released today by Modern Englishanother preview of what will be 1 2 3 4.


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