Lola Indigo positions itself in the most crucial nomination of ‘OT 2023’: “It’s indigay”

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Lola Indigo has not yet passed through the Academy of Triumph operation, but he clearly has his favorites. You are following this edition closely. Although she cannot see all the galas, she is aware of what is happening and has an opinion about the contestants.

At the time when Denna was still participating in the contest, Lola Indigo showed her support for the candidate, especially after finding out that expulsion was at stake with one of her songs, Dragon. Denna was unlucky and was eliminated after the audience saved her friend Violeta from her. However, Lola Indigo became interested in OT 2023 and followed the experience of the rest of the participants in silence.

Chiara and Lucas, the nominees of Gala 9 of ‘OT 2023’ / Jose Irun

Now, many weeks later, Lola Indigo has once again shown her preferences on social networks, and she has done so with the most crucial nomination of this Triumph operation.

Lucas and Chiara are risking their permanence in the contest and their entry into the grand final of this edition that has turned out to be another mass phenomenon. Nominations have become a matter of state. So much so that they have even sneaked into the screens of Time Square in New York.

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Fans of Chiara and Lucas are mobilizing and getting relevant personalities to take a stand with one or the other. It seemed that, at this point in the film, Lola Indigo was not going to say anything, but she did and gave the argument through her official X account (formerly Twitter).

“kiki is indiguer indigay save kiki”. With this message, Lola Indigo has called on all her fans to vote for Chiara and not Lucas. And we are sure that when the contestant leaves the Academy, whenever that may be, she will be amazed that her crush, as she recognized at the casting, has gone out on social media asking for her salvation.

Now we just have to wait if Lola Indigo’s call effect takes effect and Chiara turns out to be the one saved at the next gala. Triumph operation. What will happen? Place your bets!


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