TOM WALKER “Head Underwater” the new single (Watch the video)

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Head Underwater is the new single from singer-songwriter TOM WALKER. The song anticipates the eagerly awaited new album “I Am” out on May 31st.

“Head Underwater” is a pop-soul song, enhanced by the artist’s powerful vocals, which talks about facing the real challenges of life and the art of keeping it all together.

It’s about keeping my inner demons at bay and the constant battle I’m facing with myself – sometimes feeling suffocated and overwhelmed by the weight of the world – says Tom Walker – “Head Underwater” indicates the feeling of drowning in your own thoughts and emotions .

Despite the overwhelming struggle, there is the determination to survive and emerge stronger from this internal conflict.”


Tom Walker was once known for his powerful telling of other people’s life stories, including a friend’s battle with drugs (“Leave a Light On”) and dealing with his feelings for his current wife (“ Just You & I”), in the new album he talks about his personal struggles and anxieties, creative challenges, sadness and moments of desperation. It’s a visceral account of who the artist is today, titled “I Am.”

“I Am” is the culmination of me trying to figure out who I am for the last four years – explains Tom Walker – This record is a snapshot of what happened in my life and around me – what made me happy or sad , ecstatic or miserable”

After writing and scrapping a multitude of new tracks, Tom Walker traveled to Los Angeles to write with the McDonough brothers, Toby Gadd, Ryan Daly & Castle, whose collaborations include Beyoncé, Joji, Khalid, Mimi Webb and John Legend. The trip rekindled the enthusiasm and love for experiencing completely new sensations. Among the songs on the album, in addition to the already released “Freaking Out” and “Burn”, there is “Holy Ghost”, an electronic soul song, and “Lifeline”, a touching tribute to a friend of his who committed suicide last March. In April and May 2024 he will tour the UK.




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