Lola Índigo releases a new preview of ‘I have a boyfriend’ with La Zowi

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Lola Índigo is about to release her most personal EP: GRX. A musical work where the Spanish star draws directly from his Andalusian roots. For now, Lola has launched Bad luck and From plasticine, two songs that have been very well received by his followers.

But without a doubt, the song on this album that is being talked about the most (and it hasn’t been released yet) is the one with La Zowi. Last October, during the end of El Dragón’s tour in Granada, Lola came out to sing one of the songs from this new EP with La Zowi. What the artist’s fans did not expect was to hear such a great song. Because Lola and La Zowi have brought a classic to reinvent it, make it their own and turn it around. Because the two artists have sampled one of the most repeated verses in Spanish music: ““I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend, who takes me to the bay that calls me my life.” Some words that belong to the song of

It’s about Take That Take. Of course, they have covered it and given it a spicier and fun touch. In this way, Lola and La Zowi say the following: “I have a boyfriend who eats me every day, who calls me my life and who tells me how hot, how hot I am, how wet I am when I come. I have a boyfriend who eats my pussy, who tells me dirty things and who grabs me by the bun”.

When does it come out I have a boyfriend?

Well, this Wednesday, December 13, Lola released the preview of a music video for this song. In it she appears next to La Zowi in a fixed shot using an Andalusian patio full of flowers as if it were a recording studio. Furthermore, it seems that Lola would have already baptized this song as I Have a Boyfriend.

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In this way, it seems that the release of the song is imminent and the El Dragón artist will not take long to release it on all platforms. And for weeks now, her followers have not stopped wondering when she is going to release this song.


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