Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Datura


The impetuous sound that leaves the past obsolete.

The new album arrives Lorelle Meets The Obsolet with an adventurous composition that sought a more discreet sound in terms of instrumentation. Datura, a name influenced by a wild plant with many complexities, gives a reference to the strong sound, while being a short album since it is made up of only 8 songs. It was recorded in his personal studio in Ensenada, Baja California, mixed in Canada by Jace Lasek member of The Besnard Lakesand mastered in Australia by Mikey Young.

Even though there was a period of four years of not releasing material, the duo has not been immobile since they have been going since 2021 between streamings, tours and presentations that have varied from passing through Europe to the United States where they have been seen collaborating. with more artists being connected to multiple influences for the creation of Daturastarting to write the music just last year.

The decrease in psychedelia in this new material is audible, the band has integrated the sound more with other genres but not in such a neat way, but in a freer way, for example, perhaps we find an air of kraut but not in its entirety, or a bit of post punk that appears suddenly and very briefly, with which a stable style is not associated.

The duo mentions that this variation that we find in each album is derived from the tedium that comes with doing the same thing, which keeps them making fresh sounds and maintaining the image of their present and where they are.

“Dynamo” was the first single that arrived in April directed by Victor Garayaccompanied by an experimental video that somehow goes very well with the progression of the music, aggressive and hypnotic, as well as “Invisible”a naturally nostalgic song with a bluish expression that familiarizes us with the shoegazethe video being directed by Fernando A. de la Rosaa simple aerial clip that travels through simple landscapes.

The Mexican band remains at bay this year with a list of dates back to Europe and the United States starting in September, it will not take us by surprise to see them also with collaborations and continuing the momentum for the love of their work.


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Christopher Johnson

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