Lorena Blume premieres “Las Flores” with Alex Ferreira

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A song focused on gender equality.

Lorena Blume released his single “Flowers”, after its debut in 2018. The singer-songwriter has had a career spanning more than five years in which he has been able to release two full-length albums Chueca Spoon (2018) and 15 Days of Songs (2021) and now on the way to his third album he brings us this new single.

“Flowers” It is a song that, accompanied by great choirs that are presented in an almost choral way, invites us to reflect on gender equality and the pending task we have with this issue.

In this single, the Peruvian artist had the Dominican musician as a collaborator. Alex Ferreira which is presented in the song with an almost naked voice accompanied by some very melancholic guitar arpeggios in which it tells us “I stumble against the wall. I look and think how pretty she looks. Her hair, her eyes, her body, moving with the air. I am afraid of what she can do.” This collaboration enriches the song and gives it the necessary balance that represents the duality within “Flowers” that necessary idea that we should all participate in the fight against machismo and patriarchy.

Lorena Blume Comment on the song:

It’s a song that was born several years ago and a bit in response to my single ‘Warrior’ It talks about the struggle and the path towards equality, but integrating the masculine and feminine vision. It is an invitation to observe what we must change and how inequalities and machismo affect us all. It’s a liberating song that also talks about self-love, mutual care and acceptance.”

The communion between both artists and their sensibilities could make this song an anthem for self-love and self-care. About the song title Lorraine comments:

It is called ‘The Flowers’ because it suggests the possibility of us all being different and of taking the hardness out of masculinity. Give us the freedom and freshness of all being flowers.”

for this song Lorraine had the work and collaboration of Johann Frech in the production Matías Cella in mixing and mastering, in instrumentation, music Sayuri Espinoza and Helen Zamudio in creating the cover Eduardo Yaguas and in the choruses and clapping Karina Galicia, Benjamín Walker, Max Valdés, Paola Navarrete and Cristobal de La Cuadra, engraved between Continuous Study (MX) and La Guarida Records (PE).

While their third album blooms, you can now listen to their song available on all platforms. streaming.

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