Lorie Pester returns with the remix of “Sur un air latino”

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The teen idol of the 2000s is making a comeback. Lorie is preparing the release of a remix of her hit “Sur un air latino”, in collaboration with singer Brö.

On a Latin tune (oh-oh, oh-oh), I feel the tempo (oh-oh, oh-oh)“. Impossible to have forgotten the catchy chorus sung by Lorie, in 2002. The French star is surprising by re-releasing “Sur un air latino” in a reissued version, this Monday, November 20, 2023.

This return awaited by many nostalgic fans is teased on Lorie Pester’s social networks. In the caption of an excerpt from her remix, she explains: “‘Sur un air latino (2023)’ is a feat with Brö, an artist that I really appreciate. I love its singularity and its limitless musical universe. You will be able to listen to ‘Sur un air latino (2023)’ on all platforms from Monday. We have prepared a great clip for you that will bring back good memories.”

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Lorie is preparing “a long series of surprises”

Lorie’s last album, “Les choses de la vie”, dates from 2017. Since then, the icon of the 2000s has devoted herself to comedy. She can be seen in the hit series, Tomorrow belongs to us»on TF1.

According to the actress and singer, this new version of “Sur un air latino” will be “the first surprise in a long series that is coming.» Is Lorie Pester planning to come back with a new album? Has she recorded any unreleased material? Or will she bring out her biggest hits? See you Monday, November 20 to find out more.


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