Los Hombres G and Álvaro de Luna unite two generations in the new version of ‘Suéltate el pelo’

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A great song will always have its place in music, both in his time and in later years. That has happened with let your hair down of the Men G. The group is immersed in their tour 40 years and we’re still starting, which began last December 30 Wizink Center in Madrid. A tour with which they have already traveled part of Latin America, the United States or Canada.

But let’s go back to the song because it’s its time, and that’s because Alvaro de Luna just versioned it. Without a doubt, it is a nice tribute to unite two generations. The Madrid band published the news on their Instagram: “Alvaro de Luna I wasn’t even born when Hombres G released let your hair down. Great songs don’t know generations, and this version proves it. And you, are you dying to hear it? Friday the 3rd will be all yours!”

Well, the day has arrived and the single is available to anyone who wants to listen to it. A reissue of one of the public’s favorite songs, which from today will have a new life with the young singer and his followers. This song was originally on the album Shake before using from 1998 and It has been an anthem of our country’s music for years. And you Do you feel like Alvaro sing let your hair down at your concerts?

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let your hair down It is the mythical song of the Men G, an 80s icon that is expected to be included on the band’s new album of collaborations. An album that they already presented when collaborating with Morat. A third CD of New Versions of the band’s songs, in the company of guests who have recorded and produced these songs. That is to say, the songs, when produced by the guest artists, take on a new sound identified with the guest artist and where, both with the voice of David Summers or use of the original tracks of Men G, a new artistic concept is achieved

Hombres G continue with their successful tour ’40 years and we’re still starting’

The singer of Everything with you Just released ONEtheir second album, but the first of this new stage that begins in which he has managed to find himself. Songs marked by their sensitive side and the most badass but full of love. “I think that UNO, in the end, is like a new beginning, the album, the stage, I think it has been like a turning point to decide where I am going, where I want to go and where I want to be, what I want it to be understood and what I want people to take away from my songs,” the artist confessed in an interview for WECB. And the artist has chained premiere with premiere, because There is nothing better than raising a topic with such a leading group in our country.

Álvaro de Luna discovers the curiosities of 'UNO': Childhood, London, Laura Escanes, tattoo, passage of time
Álvaro de Luna discovers the curiosities of ‘UNO’: Childhood, London, Laura Escanes, tattoo, passage of time

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  • Hombres G was my favorite group when I was 13 years old and now my artist is Álvaro de luna…hahaha what things
  • I’m so looking forward to hearing that mix of voices! What a blast!!🔥🔥❤️
  • I love the original and I think I will love this new version too, congratulations for staying there and getting excited as always 😍❤️👏🔥😍
  • I’m so looking forward to hearing that mix of voices! What a blast!!🔥🔥❤️
  • Take yaaaaaaaaaaaa. Always up eh 🚀🚀🚀 non-stop Alvarito ❤️


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