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Emotions to feel alive on the dance floor with Romy.

After many years relatively far from the stage with The XX, Romy Madley-Croft recently unveiled Mid Air, his first solo album, and told us a little about the process of embarking on this new adventure, collaborating with different people and unleashing his creativity to create what he describes as a compilation of “emotional music for the dance floor.”

Making a solo album was quite a process for the British singer, she mentioned that it took her a while to feel ready since she has always felt comfortable being part of a band.

“I like collaboration and feeling part of a team, but eventually I realized that I had something to say for myself, that I had other sides of my musical taste to explore outside of the music style of The XX. I wanted to learn and collaborate with others, it has been a lot of fun.”

The creation of Mid Air It took several years, the idea arose before the pandemic and its themes went through multiple versions. Exploring a different sound palette was quite exciting to Romyswapping his reverb guitar for electronic dance music to test his production and songwriting skills.

“I love dance music and doing DJ sets, I wanted to do something fresh and at the same time familiar to the people who know me for The XX”, he said.

Little by little Romy He has tested the waters with his solo music by performing at festivals or doing DJ sets. In November she will begin her own tour and the prospect of reconnecting with an audience, being close to her fans and singing live excites her quite a bit, these performances will have all the energy and vibe of a rave, this can be seen from the name of His tour: Mid Air Club.

Rather than feeling any pressure from the fact that his bandmates –Jamie xx and Oliver Sim– they have already released solo music, Romy She has felt supported throughout this journey. Mid Air It is a reflection of the English artist’s career, a confidence gained through experience and the compilation of musical influences she has acquired from her nightclub experiences. Lyrically it is a fairly personal exploration ranging from her love for his wife, dealing with loss, and finding her own identity.

The separation of Jamie and Oliver This process was not easy, she tells me how she met several producers and worked as a composer for other artists to stay creative –Rihanna, Halsey and Dua Lipa There are some famous names to whom he has lent his songwriting skills – but finding someone he clicked with to work on this album didn’t happen overnight.

“Strong” is one of the standout singles from this project – the singer recently merged it with the song “Angels” of The XX in a session for BBC – and the name of Fred Again in production, an important figure in the electronic scene of the decade for his albums Current Life…but more than another producer, he is a personal friend of Romy that he has known for several years.

“It happened very naturally and little by little it helped me open up more and write more personal lyrics, a very special quality in a producer and composer, it is a skill that few have,” he said. Stuart Pricewho has worked with artists of the stature of Madonna, The Killers and Minogue Kylie It was also part of the equation for MidAir.

It’s been six long years since Romy visited us at that stellar presentation of The XX in it Crown Capital 2017. Hopefully it won’t take much longer to have her back, the singer expressed her enthusiasm to do so.


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