Luna Ki deletes all her Instagram posts and announces a new single for January 1

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Among all the national artists, we are clear that If anyone wants to start next year with a clean slate, that’s it. Moon Ki. The Catalan artist He archived all his Instagram posts this December 22 to leave a single post on his profile, sharing the cover of what will be his next single with the following message: “New single JANUARY 1, 2024 ♥️ also available the physical edition on my website, merry Christmas!! #January”.

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A heart pendant, capital letters with the title “JANUARY” and a background with a clear sky These are all the details we have about what will be her next song, where Luna Ki seems to continue the tradition of two of the most successful songs in her discography: September and February. Will this be the end of a trilogy that began in 2019 or will there be more titles added to the list?

The singer, who is one of the greatest exponents of the underground and electronic music circles in our country, He became known to the general public by participating in the first edition of the Benidorm Fest with his song I’m going to die, although he never performed it live on stage in the Alicante city. Since then, the Barcelona native has released an album on the market (CL34N) and a handful of singles with which he has continued to conquer more and more people.

This 2023, for example, we have seen her on stage at the Brava Madrid Festival at the end of September and we have witnessed the release of five singleslatest (Red Wagon, in collaboration with Dyce) came into our hands on November 3rd.

With the arrival of JanuaryLuna Ki not only wants to start a new year with a bang, but The deletion of his publications seems to indicate a change in stage and the start of a new project that could arrive in 2024. All that remains is for her to confirm it herself and, if so, how many of the songs that we have been able to hear in recent months would be part of this work. For now, what is 100% certain is thatThe singer has two dates planned for next year, visiting the capital to perform at the Sala La Riviera on April 25 and twenty days before, on April 5, the Sala Moon in Valencia.

And you, do you want to listen to the new Luna Ki? We are counting the days.


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