Maluma lives his own story of Italian love and heartbreak in the video clip for ‘Bikini’

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Maluma He always has an ace up his sleeve to surprise his fans. And although Don Juanhis sixth studio album (and most recent), was released in August 2023, he wanted to remind everyone that he continues to enjoy it as if he had released it yesterday.

What do we mean by this? How many months after its release, the Colombian has released the video clip for Bikini, one of the themes that are part of it to revive the spirit of Don Juan. And he has done it as a Christmas gift so that they can turn the song into the favorite soundtrack of all his fans this holiday season. “Ho Ho Ho… Santa arrived early this year,” he says on his social networks.

The music video is directed by Maluma himself along with Cesar Tes Pimienta. In it, the Colombian stars in his own story of love and heartbreak on the Italian coast, introducing us to a kind of soap opera in the purest Mediterranean style. It begins at the end, which shows the discussion between the artist and a young Italian woman who tires of him and ends the relationship. After, shows how they began the love story, which is when Maluma arrives on a boat to the beach and there he finds several young women willing to enjoy the sun and a few drinks with him.

Juan Luis lets himself be carried away by emotion as he performs the song to the camera, jumping and dancing with the girls. The young woman with whom he ends up starring in an Italian love story notices him and whispers with her friends about how attractive she finds him. He stares at her and it is interpreted that this is where sparks fly.

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The release of this music video has had a great reception on social networks. His fans have celebrated the surprise and have thanked their favorite artist for this premiere. “It’s so hard to choose a favorite because Don Juan It’s a tremendous album! I already want her to win that Grammy because she is a gem, she deserves it,” says one of her fans.

Without a doubt, Maluma is experiencing one of his most exciting professional and personal stages. And she will soon welcome her daughter Paris, who has already become an important source of inspiration in her life. And what did you think of the Bikini video?


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