Mon Rayon releases “Meltdown”

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The Swedish baroque pop duo releases their second single on platforms.

After the premiere of “Kate Moss in Paris” In November of this year, the Swedish baroque pop duo premieres today, December 6 “Meltdown” his second single on digital platforms.

Mon Rayon takes a trip to the baroque pop of the 60s with “Meltdown”the song was born from an old demo from the spring of 2015, when Christoffer Zetterlund sat in a secluded summer house overlooking the lake Vänern with your friends Jimmy Lindblad and Magnus Fagerström and wrote songs over a cup of coffee, then eight years later inspired by a microphone and a 6/8 rhythm Christoffer and Josef They revived the song and began to play it just as it was. Christoffer I remembered her.

We felt that with strings, Hammond organ and dreamy backing vocals, the song really reached its full potential.” says the duo about the new single.

“Meltdown” It’s about how you feel when you’re really bad, to the point where you think you can become a burden, repeating old patterns and mistakes and insisting on the same thing over and over again. The lyrics are mostly written by Christoffer and it is a lament for all loved ones.

The newly formed group, Mon Rayonhas emerged slowly but surely behind closed doors, while Christoffer and Joseph They daydreamed about what it might sound like, look like, and even feel like.

Together they have built a framework to create through countless references in cinema, music and the vision of life, as well as the central element of the proposal which is to return to the basics and involve electronic elements and the computer as little as possible. The duo met when the former band Christoffer, Kone Marawas about to start playing live and they needed a drummer.

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That conversation was the starting point for Joseph will rekindle his love for music and the beginning of a lifelong friendship, Kone Mara It only lasted a year and a half but Joseph and Christoffer They continued to play together and participate in each other’s various projects. Both have spent the last few years in Stockholm working as live and studio musicians for various artists such as Jackie Mere, Emilia Pantic, Maia Hirasawa, Kvarteret, Sötnos, Boys and Ivy, etc.


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