Mama Dousha, Mafalda Cardenal and Enol, among Shazam’s 2024 musical predictions

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Unity is strength, they say. Thus, Shazam and Apple Music They have worked together to analyze and publicize which artists could stand out this year that we have just begun. At WECB we have already presented 20 promising music stars—national and international—to follow closely, and since it never hurts to broaden our horizons, here are some of the names that these two music applications are betting on. Artists from up to 21 different countries covering styles as varied as French pop or contemporary gospel, and that have been obtained thanks to the exclusive algorithms and predictive data with which Shazam operates, together with the experience of Apple Music’s global editorial team.

Within the national panorama, there are four artists and two collaborations that stand out. On the one hand, Rikitiof Mama Dousha and Scotty DK, is a sensation in Catalonia mixing elements of electronica, author songs and urban pop. And, on the other, Narcosof Enol and Mafalda Cardenal. A meeting that culminates after these young people—from Asturias and Alicante, respectively—have worked with Pole, This life is a mess.

At an international level, the song identification tool has made a selection of 5 artists who can conquer charts and territories globally, like the nigerian Bloody Civilianwho has participated in the BSO of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; Flyana Bossthe hip-hop duo composed of Bobbi LaNea Tyler and Folayan Omi Kunerede, who have already worked with Missy Elliot on You Wish; Kenya Gracewho has managed to enter the official WECB List with his pop dance hit strangers; The Last Dinner Party, the breakout British band of the season that has conquered such established stars as Florences and the Machine; and RIIZEa K-pop band that has managed to make South Korea fall in love (and cross borders) with their song Get a guitar.

At the local level, they gain relevance: aupinard in France with its pop combined with bossa nova; JacotĂ©ne in Australia to the rhythm of R&B and Soul; sira with the dance and hip-hop style in Germany; punjabi and rap Sukha in India; and the author’s song Yarge that dazzles Venezuela (but also in Chile, Peru and Paraguay).

TOP 50 Shazam music predictions for 2024

  1. Mad Apology (feat. ODUMODUBLVCK), by Bloody Civilian
  2. Love 119of RIIZE
  3. strangersof Kenya Grace
  4. Nothing Mattersof The Last Dinner Party
  5. UFHOof Flyana Boss
  6. No Apologies 1.9 (V2_demo)of JACOTENE
  7. what type of vibe?of aupinard
  8. 8 ASLE (feat. Gurlej Akthar), by Sukha, Chani Nattan and ProdGK
  9. WEEKENESof Yarge and Adso
  10. Wonderful Lifeof Luciano, Hurts, 6PM Records, Sira
  11. Pradaof Cassö, Raye and D-Block Europe
  12. Plus de place pour ta peineof Eloiz
  13. Luckyof Crying City
  14. The Way of Lifeof Yung Wylin’
  15. Rashelof Jugeli and Dystinct
  16. Meet you at the graveyardof Cleffy
  17. hbpof Llona
  18. Unlovableof Lewis Fitzgerald
  19. Resistance (feat. McKenzie), by MĂ–RDA
  20. Everybody Supports Womenof Sofia Isella
  21. The Prodigalof Josiah Queen
  22. Bugambillaof Nasa Histoires
  23. Rikitiof Mama Dousha and Scotty Dk
  24. Umayeof venesti
  25. Ellerim BoĹźof Lisa M
  26. Ghettoof Merveille
  27. Blueof Richard Carter
  28. Narcosof Enol and Mafalda Cardenal
  29. My love for you (Yebba’s Heartbreak) (Edit)of Marten Lou
  30. All Night, of Snow Wife
  31. Ah Txe Txe, of Giant, Tyson and Broederliefde
  32. Flames Rock, of Kaka Highflames
  33. No Statementsof ScarLip
  34. 1,2 & Mer, of Baby Mala
  35. Crush, of ZEROBASEONE
  36. Non ti sei mai divertita cosìof Vins
  37. Remember When, of Wasia Project
  38. Laado, of MC SQUARE and Hiten
  39. Pal love I’m badof Adrian L Santons
  40. waiting 5 u (delulu)of Shoti
  41. Dal’wang Patinigof Sun Kissed Lola
  42. BACK2BACKof STRLGHT and Roonin
  43. Tu hai kahanof AUR
  44. Life, of KSHMR, Dabzee and Vedan
  45. pretty ladyof ARY and Eddin
  46. B’Ola (Honour)of Sunmisola Agbebi
  47. My babyof ProdMarvin
  48. Ai No Katachi, of HANDLE
  49. Barbie, of JaidynAlexis

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