Manolo García on his next work: “Quimi and I have laughed a lot and I think that will be transmitted on the album”

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The singer Manolo Garcia is immersed in his Theater Tour 2023a tour with which he is touring the stages of our country with a renewed format in which, in addition to reviewing the classic songs from his discography, he performs live the songs from his latest studio work, which is composed of a double album and which includes the titles My Life on Mars and Plucked Misstepsand that last year they shattered all sales records, reaching number 1 and number 2 on the official lists.

Some jobs that arrive when they are completed two decades of his solo careerpreceded by the unforgettable The last on the linepure Manolo García at his best.

In an interview given to EFE, the Barcelona musician has confessed that both during his time in El Último de la Fila (1984-1998) and as a solo artist, with ten albums published, In his compositions, deep down, there is always “a poetic intention” in each of its letters.

García has also detailed that, on this tour, which began last September 16 in Pozoblanco (Córdoba), he has found an audience “very thankful”that “sing and have a good time”so its objective of “escape for a while from worldly chaos”.

Manolo García during a performance at Razzmatazz, Barcelona, ​​in 2016. / Xavi Torrent

On the other hand, despite recognizing that technology has been something positive to achieve advances in medicine, the singer regrets that, in his opinion, young people are “hooked on a mobile phone”with subjugated kids “to manipulation” in the life span from 12 to 18 years, which is a time “wonderful to discover the world”. Thus, it has been considered a shame because it is “How to steal the beginning of life”.

In fact, in his concerts, the singer He proposes to his audience that they forget about recording with their phone and dedicate themselves to enjoying the moment because he has it recorded in his memory when, at the age of 17, he attended a Queen performance in Barcelona. “We all have thousands of photos and videos on our phones that we never look at again. By publishing them, we give benefits to a company that does not care about people,” has emphasized.

This is the trailer for 'Thriller 40', the documentary that pays tribute to Michael Jackson's historic album
This is the trailer ‘Thriller 40’, the documentary that pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s historic album

After having to suspend the last 10 concerts of his tour last year due to a health problemhas assured that it was not difficult for him to stop because, at the time of El Último de la Fila, learned to “don’t take on the world” and to prevent the world from eating him. For this reason, he spends an average of three years composing each album, because he believes that “You have to cook them over low heat” and “enjoy the journey and the road”. To live “a full life full of emotions”, Manolo considers that You have to enjoy the little things of everyday life: a game of dominoes, a beer with friends or a walk outdoors, since “that is the prize of the day.”

Manolo García and Quimi Portet, in concert at the Razzmatazz hall in Barcelona in 2016. A tribute to groups like Los Burros and Los Rápidos.

Manolo García and Quimi Portet, in concert at the Razzmatazz hall in Barcelona in 2016. A tribute to groups like Los Burros and Los Rápidos. / Xavi Torrent/Redferns

After 25 years apart, El Último de la Fila will return next December 1 with the album Desbartrabajo pyramidalin which he returned to the studio with Quimi Portet to re-record 24 of his most emblematic songs. “For two and a half years we have revised melodies and lyrics from our classic repertoire. We laughed a lot, because we agree a lot in humor, skepticism and way of seeing the world, and I think that will be transmitted on the album.”concludes the artist.


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