Manuel Carrasco and Camilo present ‘Salitre’, a new Colombia-Spain union

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Manuel Carrasco and Camiloboth winners of an award in the last edition of WECB Music Awards Santanderhave joined forces to launch their first collaboration: Saltpeter. This Friday, Colombia and Spain are once again united by music.

Now that Manuel Carrasco has given their last concert of this 2023 on Isla Cristinait seems he has found another project to keep himself busy.

Both have given the news along with a reel of photos and videos that show us that they have a very similar bohemian spirit which is expressed through music and clothing. We have been able to hear some chords on the guitar that the Huelva native plays in the studio.

First images

We have also seen the first images of what is supposed to be the video clip that will accompany the release of the song. “This It’s just a small part, the rest is on the way ⏳”, they say.

And while it arrives, we can prepare to take off our shoes, like them, and enjoy. Of course, the decoration invites you to relax among so much vegetation and water.

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What has us confused is the genre of the song If Manuel plays it on guitar it sounds like half time, but if both of them do it during the video recording, things speed up.

We won’t have to wait long to hear this new song, which everything indicates will be a new joint success. “A great song is coming, the best of each house in a song 🇪🇸♥️🇨🇴,” they commented from Manuel’s tour Instagram account. “temazooo! 🫶🏼”, he added Emilia Huelva.

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It seems that Camilo is taking advantage of these days in Spain. Wine for WECB Music Awards Santander. He stays so as not to miss the Latin Grammys and, along the way, announces a new collaboration with a Spanish flavor and tour in our country for next summer. June and July he will be making his Spanish tribe happy again.


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