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OFFSHORE is the title of Mara Sattei’s new single, a song that continues her sonic exploration into EDM.

Produced by Enrico Brun, “Mare Aperto” crosses the endless vastness of the sea, which becomes a metaphor for the immensity of thoughts, where everything is still and where it is easy to get lost.

Mare Aperto – comments Mara Sattei – is a song that talks about life. I was born by the sea and I keep all my best memories there.
Often, in the open sea, I really felt lost and even now I think I won’t be able to get back to shore.

I imagine myself there, among all those thoughts, surrounded by the water that transports me.

However, getting lost is important to finding yourself: the answers are sometimes there, simple but fundamental like water, but, overwhelmed by the chaos of life, we are not always able to see them.”

Mara Sattei’s 2023 was a year full of emotions, including her participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Duemilaminuti” (double platinum certified), a long summer tour in the best festivals throughout Italy and then signing with Island Records.

Simplicity, elegance, a great transversality that makes her capable of combining pop and urban, tradition and continuous evolution, are all characteristics that distinguish Mara Sattei, one of the most prominent women on the Italian music scene. Despite only having one album under her belt and her young age, Mara Sattei’s musical history began to take shape at just 13 years old and, to date, has earned her the achievement of important collaborations and numerous certifications (17 platinum records and 3 gold records).


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