Mass Hysteria: birthday in Paris

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The French industrial metal band Mass Hysteria will be at the Zénith in Paris in January 2025 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its formation.

Mass Hysteria is preparing a big birthday party on January 31, 2025 at the Zénith in Paris. Places are available.

This concert will be an opportunity for the French industrial metal group to celebrate its 30-year career. Happy with this anniversary, Yann Heurtaux, guitarist of the group, declared in an interview with the editorial staff: “We are aware of our luck. In circles of friends or couples, everyone’s tastes can evolve, to the point where no one has anything in common anymore. As far as we are concerned, we have Mass Hysteria and we don’t want this to stop. There are conflicts, but we manage to settle down and put things into perspective. Over time, we learned to deal with each other’s faults. »

This concert will be an opportunity to play titles from the diptych in Paris Tenacious. With a first part released in June and a second in October. The guitarist explained the reason for this release in two stages: “If we had made fourteen songs available at once, only two would have come out. We didn’t want that. So by releasing two shorter parts, we allow people to listen to them in full and fully appreciate them. This process reminds me in particular of what System of a Down had in 2005, for Mezmerize and Hypnotize, which were released six months apart. »

Before this date at the Zénith in Paris, Mass Hysteria does not intend to rest on its laurels. Among the other dates announced, they will notably be on the bill for Hellfest 2024, on June 29. They will thus find themselves on the same stage as Metallica, Extreme or even Mammoth WVH.


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