Medina Azahara publishes ‘El Sueño Eterno’, a new album with 23 unreleased songs

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The Andalusian rock band Medina Azahara He released his new album last Friday. Is about The Eternal Dreama double disc with 23 unreleased songs which include a version by the Italian Umberto Tozzi in I will walk and a collaboration with El Barrio, always with the Andalusian rock essence of the band born in the late 70s.

This new album represents a new rebirth for the band, which reinvents itself throughout songs such as the one that gives the album its title, the group’s first studio album since Came the day2021.

Medina Azahara, group formed by Manuel Martinez (voice), Paco Ventura (guitar) and Manuel Ibanez (keyboards), is one of the great references of Andalusian rock. The band was formed in 1979 in Córdoba and has a long history that has positioned them as one of the great legends of rock in Spanish. The group took its name from the ruins of the medieval city of the same name, near Córdoba, a reflection of its connection to Andalusian history and culture.

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His music is a fusion of progressive rock, flamenco and Arabic music, characterized by deep lyrics that often reflect the history, culture and traditions of Andalusia. During the 80s and 90s, Medina Azahara achieved great popularity in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.

Albums like Walking through the Mosque (1982), Spanish Caravan (1986) and No time (1992) are some of his most notable works. His live concerts were highly valued for the energy and passion they transmitted.

Throughout its history, the band has undergone changes in its formation, but Manuel Martínez, as vocalist and leader, has been the constant nucleus of Medina Azahara, maintaining their distinctive sound and maintaining a loyal fan base who appreciate their music and their roots in the cultural roots of Andalusia.

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The band is recognized as one of the most important and emblematic groups of Andalusian rock. They have offered more than 4,000 concerts throughout his career and they have a discography of 23 albums, of which they have obtained ten gold records and two platinum records.


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