Meet the nominees for the 2024 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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The list of the 15 artists – including Ozzy Osbourne, Sinéad O’Connor and Mariah Carey – nominated for the 2024 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has already been revealed.

Since 1983 the Foundation Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been dedicated to the preservation of memory and the remembrance of the most influential artists in the music industry. Of course, every year we eagerly await the induction of our favorite artists and their recognition immortalized within rock history. In this edition, the list claims to include multiple artists who represent the musical celebration from the diversity of sound proposals.

Who can be the nominees?

The main nomination criterion is that the band or artist has a career of at least 25 years. That is, if a musical project published a single or album commercially in 1999 or earlier means that they are candidates to be nominated by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this 2024.

Among the finalists for this year’s nomination, names such as Ozzy Osbourne. Despite already being part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Black Sabbath, Osbourne earned his first nomination as a solo artist after his wife, Sharon Osbournemade comments against the foundation about not including him in his solo project.

We are still recovering from the tragic loss of the Irish singer and musician Sinéad O’Connor last year, so his nomination has prompted a retrospective look at his brilliant artistic career. Thus, the singer’s musical legacy could be enhanced through her induction into the hall of fame.

Eligible since 1994, due to the release of the album Definitely Maybe, the british group Oasis formed at the time by the brothers Gallagher also earned her nomination, along with iconic artists like Cher and Mariah Carey.

Below we leave you the complete list of nominees and remember that you can be part of the decision through the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2024 fan vote:

  • Sad
  • Cher
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Eric B. & Rakim
  • Mariah Carey
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Peter Frampton
  • Kool & the Gang
  • Foreigner
  • Oasis
  • Sinéad O’Connor
  • A Tribe Called Quest

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