MGMT announces new album, ‘Loss of Life’

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The American duo is about to release an album, of which you can now listen to the first single “Mother Nature”. Label changes, the maturity of their sound and the creative explosion of MGMTknow all the details.

With his recent incorporation to Mom + Pop Music, Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser They return with their fifth studio material. Loss of Life, produced by Patrick Wimberly and Dave Fridman, will be released on February 23, an album marked by its long gestation and the warmth of its sound. In addition, it will have a very special collaboration“Dancing In Babylon”where he participates Christine and The Queens with the production of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never).

While we wait for its release, it is now possible to listen “Mother Nature”the first single from the album, with a fusion sound of the electric guitar and the synthesizer melody, which MGMT find similar to Oasis.

The song was premiered with a music video animated by Jordan Fish, which tells us an emotional story about the friendship between Dog and Turtle, two animals in the middle of the big city. With the adventure and a tragic future, there is a great message behind it.

Enjoy “Mother Nature”:

  1. “Loss Of Life (part 2)”
  2. “Mother Nature”
  3. “Dancing In Babylon (featuring Christine and the Queens)”
  4. “People In The Streets”
  5. “Bubblegum Dog”
  6. “Nothing To Declare”
  7. “Nothing Changes”
  8. “Phradie’s Song”
  9. “I Wish I Was Joking”
  10. “Loss of Life”
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