Beach Fossils Bunny


The resurrection of a not-too-distant indie with the same nostalgic spark.

The New York band Beach Fossils returns with new material after 6 years, on networks they were seen entering the studios since last year. The entire album was produced and recorded by Dustin Payseurfrontman of the band, along
to the producer Lars Stalfors.

Almost entering summer Beach Fossils prepared the perfect music for the hot scenarios where you find yourself, with 11 songs that reflect a perfect harmony between them since they have the same structure, all in very light tones.

The narrow and simplified sound in Bunny It expresses how many worldly and personal experiences enter into narrow songs, carried by the same nostalgic sound that characterizes them, dreampop does not stop in its rhythm and has taken it as a stable base, although we also find indie rock and a postpunk that is barely perceived.

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More than finding feet and head to Bunny It’s just appreciating the simplicity of the dedication that Dustin put into putting together the album, in terms of the influence Dustin was inspired by the beginnings of the sound of some bands like Spiritualized and The Verveas well as The Cure and The Byrds. As for the lyrics we find the vulnerability of the artist, it is nothing more than a reflection of everything he has experienced and adopted these years, the first 4 singles that we heard before the release of the album is a consecutive sample.

In “Don’t fade awayDustin He assimilates missing someone in an environment full of so many things to do, however, without the company one does not live the same, in the video he is seen singing alone in different striking settings throughout the city. “Seconds” is a series of melodic intervals full of nostalgia, accompanied by a home video that shows the days between tours and concerts of the band, a fun image of the essence of the members, games, jokes, partying, the interpretation of the love they have for his music and playing, as in “give me“In their official video they are seen together playing at a party beach Fossils returns giving us the message that the consequence of maturity is not always falling into the tempestuous and boring of life, they show how they still have time to create something fresh starting from a feasible point and they did it well with Bunny.

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