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Currently on tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his singing career, Mr. Pokora confided this Sunday that he was dreaming of something else for the continuation of his artistic projects.

The star of “Just a Picture of You” has just revealed that he has new wishes regarding the evolution of his professional career. Indeed, Mr. Pokora told JDD, published this Sunday, October 15, that he wanted to direct his projects elsewhere than in the music industry as he celebrates his 20th career. “ I want to become an actor “, he declared, before explaining: “ But the offers I receive are often romantic comedies or young and sporty roles. “.

What cinema does he dream of?

For the moment, Mr. Pokora has already played and made a few appearances in TV films and television series such as “Le Premier Oublié” with Muriel Robin where he plays the role of a man whose mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. . But the singer is also a dubbing actor. On October 18, he is expected in cinemas alongside Vitaa and Amel Bent in “The Trolls” in which he has lent his voice since 2016. He plays Branch, voiced by Justin Timberlake in the original version.

However, the tattooed artist declared that he rather dreamed of participating in films like “Lord Of War”, “The Last King of Scotland”, “Drive” or even “Blade Runner”. However, if the directors of this type of work do not come forward to offer him the role of his dreams, Mr. Pokora has a plan B. He indicates that he is ready to realize his “ own projects ” as ” a series and a film “.

Until June 2024, Mr. Pokora is on tour to celebrate his 20th career. A grand tour of France for which he is nominated in the “Francophone Tour of the Year” category at the WECB Music Awards 2023.


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