Niña Pastori, India Martínez and María José Llergo shout ‘It’s over’ against sexual abuse and harassment at the Goya 2024

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“How to be a woman and not die trying. Women in cinema, like all of us, do not want attempts to live. ANDIt is urgent that we all demand certainties of equality and that means condemning all abuse and sexual abuse. And for thoroughly reviewing the structures that allow it,” with these words, Ana Belén, the presenter of the 38th edition of the awards that were held this Saturday, February 10 in Valladolid.

A clear, brief and concise message, because sometimes a little and direct is better to be better understood. They did it anyway Niña Pastori, India Martínez and María José Llergo who shouted loud and strong It’s over before Spanish cinema. The three artists got on stage and stood up to sexual harassment and abuse with a motto that María Jiménez instilled in us in 1978.

It was the singer, actress and dancer herself who died on September 22, 2023 who gave words and voice to the abuse she was suffering during her marriage and that yesterday at the Goya 2024, Niña Pastori, India Martínez and María José wanted interpret at the Valladolid Fairgrounds that have applauded this plea.

Climbing to the top, so that their voice will reach every corner of the city of Valladolid, the three artists squandered their art and gave us an exciting version of this song. A topic that began quietly and ended in a festival for the last part of the awards. Three women, three great voices from Spain, one song and two words: It’s over. An anthem against harassment towards women in general and even more so in the world of cinema. A It’s over that will always sound like the raspy voice of María Jiménez.


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