Olivia Rodrigo dreams of becoming an actress again

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The song or the comedy? His heart is swinging. While she left the series “High School Musical” two years ago and released her second album, “Guts,” five months ago, Olivia Rodrigo is already thinking about returning to the screens.

She’s on all fronts. Nominated for her title “Can’t Catch Me Now” at the Governors’ Awards ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Olivia Rodrigo took the opportunity to make some revelations. The 20-year-old artist who is currently experiencing dazzling success, thanks to the soundtrack of the film “Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird” and his second album “Guts”, has not finished impressing us. At least that’s what she wants for her career.

While she will launch the “Guts World Tour” next February, the singer of “bad idea right?” » dreams of making a return to the cinema. “ I like movies, I like telling stories “, the star told Variety during the event. “ I love telling stories, whether it’s in song or film, it’s something I’m really passionate about. »

Olivia Rodrigo back after “High School Musical: The Series”?

As a reminder, Olivia Rodrigo took part in the filming of the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Series” for three seasons. She was forced to withdraw before the final season to concentrate on the production of “Guts”, her new album, which like the first was crowned with dazzling success. “ Olivia is a very good actress, which is easy to overlook because she is a world-class songwriter, but Olivia is actually an extraordinary actress “said Tim Federle, the director of the series, at the time.

For the young woman, the ideal would be to take part in a film in which her character evolves out of adolescence. “ I would really like to make a coming-of-age film, maybe before I come of age. Maybe I’ll be an adult already “, she joked. A joke that doesn’t ring so false since on February 20, the singer will celebrate her 21st birthday. To be continued…


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