Paramore announces Talking Heads tribute album

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Paramore and other artists reimagine “ Stop Making Sense » by Talking Heads.

On Wednesday, Paramore returned to social media after some time away to share the first official trailer for the upcoming tribute album Stop Making Sense from A24 Music. This is the only post on their Instagram account. As a tribute to Talking Heads, the album will feature 16 artists performing songs from the album live Stop Making Sense of 1984, which was a milestone in the history of the group. In the clip, directed by AJ Gibboney and Paramore’s Zac Farro, singer Hayley Williams receives a huge package in the mail. Inside the box, she finds an oversized suit jacket replicating the one worn by David Byrne on the original album cover.

I have a tape that I would like you to listen to ” Williams said to Farro and Taylor York, introducing the tape Stop Making Sense. The trailer ends with an excerpt from the cover of “ Burning Down the House » by Paramore.

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Paramore first teased a collaboration with Talking Heads during an appearance at the New Yorker Festival in October 2023. “ All I’m going to say is that it’s completely crazy. It’s incredible. It’s unreal “, she told the audience. She revealed that Paramore first sought to include Byrne on their remix album Re: This Is Why, but they decided they had better “do it.” keep ” for something.

Williams added: “ And hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long before we can share it. But we decided it was too special, and we had to wait, and there’s more to this story, and you’ll know everything as soon as we’re able to share it. »

Re: This Is Why marks Paramore’s final release under her contract with Atlantic Records, which signed Williams as a solo artist when she was around 14 or 15 years old. “ To have people who obviously knew the music and the business and knew how to make money from it, we found ourselves in a situation where I was being shuffled from label to label. It’s a really long story that I promised I’d put in a book or something someday, because it’s so complex…especially when I realized how young we wereshe explained at the New Yorker Festival event. I think we were playing checkers and everyone else was playing chess. But one of the most heartbreaking things about our story is that we were such a unit and I drifted away from it a little bit. At the same time, we are grateful because maybe this was our chance and this is how we are still here. »


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