Omar Montes launches his most important collaboration: ‘Oye BB’ with Nicky Jam

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Reading the names of Omar Montes and Nicky Jam in the credits of a song, can only predict a song loaded with urban and catchy rhythms. And this has been demonstrated with Hey BBthe collaboration that has brought them together and that has already become the most important in Pan Bendito’s career (or at least one of the most important).

Uniting flamenco, rumba and urban sounds with reggaeton from the legendary figure of the genre Nicky Jam, Omar delights us with a very catchy fusion of sounds that will not go unnoticed on the dance floors. The song has been produced by Tunvao and Jon The Producer, who have been in charge of shaping it.

But that is not all. The song is accompanied by a video clip directed by Borkinson that shows some ironic looks from Omar and Nicky. They both arrive at a party that is not what it seems. They have a good time but when a girl literally hypnotizes Omar, her friend sees that something is not going as she expected. Thanks to his sunglasses, the Puerto Rican has escaped hypnosis. Nicky looks for Omar in the room where the young woman had taken him and encourages him to leave with him. But when they were about to leave the place, they see how a group of girls roll their eyes, Nicky lowers her glasses and in the end they both end up hypnotized.

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The release has been very well received among fans of both artists, who after learning of Nicky Jam’s retirement from the music industry, take advantage of each of his new releases to play them and make the most of them.

In addition, Omar’s followers are also in luck, since the song comes out just when their favorite artist is nominated for the 2023 Latin Grammy for Best Flamenco Album with Complaints of a Criminal.

And you, have you already heard Hey BB? What do you think of the new things about these two figures from the urban music scene?


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