Review: MÅNESKIN “Rush! (Are U Coming?)”

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That Måneskin are the maximum expression of contemporary rock, non-alt, non-indie, non-cryptic, non-niche, is now a well-established fact.

The Roman band plays! Damiano sings well, he has a recognizable timbre, Vic has a killer bass and Thomas and Ethan are pure energy, but their forte, once again, is the world they have managed to build, made up of suggestions, transgressive images and glam, unscrupulous, with a rocker soul.

“RUSH! (ARE U COMING?)”, the new edition of their latest album “RUSH!” adds five new songs including the already well-known “Honey (Are U Coming?)” and “Valentine”, “Off My Face”, “The Driver” and “Trastevere”.

What do the new songs add? Two beautiful poignant, painful, damned ballads, the first telling of a toxic love, the second of an encounter set in Rome (Valentine and Trastevere), a Måneskin-style (Off My Face) and a funk-rock ride that reminds me of a mix between Zeppelin and the Pfm of “E’ Festa” (The Driver).

An end-of-year gift for fans awaiting the end of the triumphant world tour, the thousand awards and new songs that will tell us what the sonic path of global rock superstars will be.

SCORE: 6.90 (for new songs)


Valentine – The Driver – Trastevere


You can still do it all by listening to it all again!


Honey (Are U Coming?)
Off My Face
The Driver
Own My Mind
Gossip feat. Tom Morello
Bla Bla Bla
Baby Said
Don’t Wanna Sleep
Kool Kids
If Not For You
Read Your Diary
Mark Chapman
The end
The Gift of Life
Oh mama
The Loneliest


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