ORNELLA VANONI “Revolutionary Calm” feat. SAMUELE BERSANI (Watch the video)

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The official video clip is online on YouTube Revolutionary Calm with Samuele Bersani the new single by Ornella Vanoni.

A set with a minimal concept is the setting for Ornella Vanoni and Samuele Bersani who, through delicate gestures and looks, interpret the song with intensity and emotional connection.

Last winter I came across the music of Marisa Monte, a Brazilian artist who wrote a wonderful song called “Calma” and which I fell in love with.

So I shared music with Samuele Bersani, a dear friend of mine, a person I love very much and respect very much.

On the music of “Calma”, Samuele has rewritten a very different and current text, almost “perfect” for this difficult historical moment” – says Ornella Vanoni.

A work of visual art, directed by Giacomo Triglia, the video clip for Calma Rivoluzionaria explores the beauty and frenzy of everyday life through games of perspective and a creative combination of objects and colours, perfectly conveying the meaning of the song: “Never like in this angry present, prudence with respect to primordial instinct is necessary”, as stated by Samuele Bersani, author of the text and working on a new live project with Orchestra, starting in April 2024, which will see him protagonist in the most prestigious theaters of the main cities Italian.

“Revolutionary Calm” aims to be a visual ode to the quiet strength that resides in each of us, an invitation to explore the potential of rebellion without losing inner serenity, a world of contrasts and symbolism, where calm and rebellion merge into a visual ballet – says director Giacomo Triglia.



Calma Rivoluzionaria anticipates CALMA RIVOLUZIONARIA LIVE 2023, the new recording project by Ornella Vanoni, out from Friday 1 December, a musical journey through some of the great successes of one of the most important interpreters of Italian pop music – recorded live during the theater tour Le donne e la music Tour and accompanied by interludes taken from the theatrical writing Le donne e la musica – embellished by the two unpublished Calma Rivoluzionaria with Samuele Bersani and Camminando of which Pietro Cantarelli is the author and composer.




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