Ozuna returns to reggaeton: this is what his new album ‘Cosmo’ sounds like

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How many times have you listened to the music of Ozuna in a party? The Puerto Rican has become the protagonist of many twerking sessions and meetings of lovers of the urban genre. Therefore, when he announced that he was coming with his album Cosmodid not take long to revolutionize his fans, who this November 17 have set the countdown counter to zero.

Ozuna is back, and he has done so with a very varied tracklist. A tracklist of 15 songs among which are his long-awaited collaborations with Jhayco, Chencho Corleone, AnuelLito MC Cassidy, The ghettoMaldy and David Guetta. And, without a doubt, the artist wanted to return to his most reggaeton essence after his EP Afro, in which he explored completely different sounds.

In Cosmo We find everything, but always within the urban style that characterizes it. Yes indeed. This changes completely in Vocation, his collaboration with the French DJ that presents electronic sounds that will soon find their way onto the dance floors. So will topics like Brabus, La Chulita, El Plan and Fentisince they are musical unions with other references of the genre that arrive loaded with reggaeton rhythms that invite perreo from the first minute.

But in this new Ozuna project we also hear that softer reggaeton that invites us to a calmer listening so that the experience of entering into Cosmo be diverse, enjoyable and entertaining.

Without a doubt, another of the notable songs on the album is YE, the collaboration with Lito MC Cassidy that precisely brings us this soft reggaeton that we mentioned. And, unlike the rest of the songs that talk, for the most part, about conquering a girl, this one delves into a critique of society and the problems we find in it. “The poor are deprived of education; The kids are losing their imagination (Yeah); Many are looking for a way to survive; In the neighborhood they don’t want to die (Wuh),” some of his verses say.

“We have to adapt to what is happening in The Movement… I think the world is in a moment of rebellion with clothes and concepts in music and art. I have always released music through the bear. It will always be the foundation, but I want the people know Ozuna… Youth want to hear what is real, what is clear, in black and white,” the artist explains to The Fader.

In short, Ozuna returns with the essence that has characterized him all these years. And he does so accompanied by figures who have marked his career and those who have also learned from him, as is the case of Jhayco. And you, have you heard Cosmo yet? What is your favorite song?


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