Pablo Rouss follows in the footsteps of ‘OT 2023’ and opens casting to produce a free song for a “special voice”

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The resume of Pablo Rouss It is one of the most complete on the national scene. Producer, composer, singer, artist, winner of several Latin Grammy Awards and, currently, member of the jury of the new edition of Operación Triunfo. Among his projects, pop names such as David Bisbal, Belén Aguilera, Vanesa Martín, Lola Índigo, Sebastián Yatra or Wallsbut also urban like Hens, Pole, Recycled J, Mala Rodríguez or Funzo & Baby Loud.

The young man from Pamplona wants to start 2024 by giving… and not just any gift. At first, it seemed like a simple on-air idea launched on Instagram stories: “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I think now is the time. I would like to find a person with a special voice to produce their music for. At least one single “For free. I’m thinking about how to do it, but it’ll probably be through TikTok with a hashtag or something. I’m really excited about this!! Tell me what you think.”


I really wanted to tell you about this project!!!

♬ original sound – ROUSS

The proposal has been taking shape little by little and, after the great reception it has had, Pablo has moved to TikTok to explain how to proceed: “I am very excited about this project. I will probably make the selection for a hashtag in which I will ask that upload a version, a song of yours sung with autotune, without autotune, acapella… whatever you want.”

Thus, Rouss follows in the footsteps of OT 2023 and open casting to find an emerging artist to give an important boost to your career and help you take your first steps.

Without a doubt, this is a unique opportunity for many young people who either do not have the knowledge or do not have the resources that the producer himself has. Now, although the author of Cycles It is an important help, today you must also have certain marketing notions (and a pinch of luck) to know how and when to promote your work.

Are you a professional singer or a simple cover singer in the shower. Go ahead and follow the social networks of Pablo Rouss because, very soon, he will reveal the next steps to follow.


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