Pahua Habita


The party is in the collective.

After what Pahua has decided to explore his solo side and create an alternative path to Sotomayorthe approach we have had with the singer-songwriter has been through singles, EPs and collaborations, the latter being the most distinctive characteristic of this new production.

Dwells It is a full-length where in all the songs we find a guest project, in the ten tracks there is a collaboration, which implies a need to explore, share and co-create, and what better way to explore ourselves than through others.

As we mentioned at the beginning, building in community is the hallmark of Dwells, far from the ego and close to the mirror. It would be very unfair not to mention anyone, so the guests were: Barzo, Fernando Milagros, Paz Court, Ancestral Beats, Acid Coco, The Pearl, NIKOLA, Eva de Marce, Karen and The Remedies, Venezonix.

At the time of play What we are going to find is a hodgepodge of sounds, a deck of possibilities that have only one goal, to connect. On this album Pauline shows us that he has the background enough to offer an experience, a speech and almost 30 minutes of comfort.

The first thing we find is “Ride me“, a powerful beginning, followed by “Northern Bird“, a lilting prayer, both form the reception to a lush, soothing journey, full of introspection, jungle, trance, cumbia and beats horsemen

It’s hard to mention which songs are put above the others; “Jasmine flower“is consolation,”Pa´lante” is a cumbia that talks about internal strength, but; “Scarecrow“, “Brava Cane“, “Because I“, and “The light“maybe they form the highest part of the album, where there are enough reasons to dance,”golden snake” is the last song, introspective and tasty.

We are facing the consolidation of Pahua In every way, she establishes herself as an interesting lyricist, in addition to showing us that she is a complete artist who works hard.

Dwells It is a comforting place to which you will undoubtedly return, there is no waste, you enjoy it from beginning to end, although we have already been able to listen to a preview on platforms, listening to it as a whole is very valuable, I imagine that the live experience will have the virtue of flexibility due to the number of guests, that is good news, and that is that, without a doubt, the party is in the group.


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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