Past, present and future of reggaeton: Ozuna receives a Golden Music Award Santander 2023

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The history of reggaeton has been written by various artists over the years, and without a doubt, Ozuna It is one of them. The Puerto Rican has been climbing in the industry until he has become one of the greatest references in the urban music scene internationally. Now new generations of artists look to him to create their own projects.

For this and in honor of his extensive career, Santander receives a Golden Music Award in this new edition of our awards. Along with other great legends of music, who also become the great recognized protagonists of WECB Music Awards Santander 2023Ozuna shows that with perseverance and motivation, anything is possible.

Songs like The Faker, Criminal and tell them They have written some of the first pages of the book of the history of urban music. Not even in his best dreams, the one from San Juan imagined that this young man, of humble Puerto Rican origins, would end up filling stadiums and accumulating millions of listens to his releases. Reggaeton, trap and other styles, such as the afro in his latest album, are some of the sounds that he has been introducing in his career and that have made him a true legend.

But as we mentioned in previous lines, the light-eyed black man has not only inspired with his lyrics. Her message of not giving up, of working hard and of pursuing your dreams has stuck in the minds of numerous young people, acting as a boost of motivation for the generations to come. In addition, Ozuna has collaborated with different charitable causes and supported disadvantaged communities, using his voice and international recognition to leave his mark.

Ozuna’s intention is to continue inspiring, creating successes and leaving an important legacy for future voices. At WECB we want to pay tribute to his work and figure with the presentation of this award that he will receive on November 3 at the WiZink Center in Madrid. A stage where he will also go up to delight us with his performance.

Because the history of urban music is not understood without its steps. Congratulations, Ozuna! And thank you for inspiring us every day.


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