Playlist of the week #261

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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

The weekend playlist can also be streamed!

Kristel – What’s Right For Us

Kristel tells her story through the video for her new single. Punctuated by indie rock energy and lyrics that reflect his resilience in the face of criticism and social pressure. A true hymn to freedom, “What’s Right For Us” highlights the group’s unique personality.

Johnnie Carwash – I’m A Mess

A jerky rhythm and an electric atmosphere, these are the key elements of I’m A Mess, new single from the Lyon trio Johnnie Carwash. “It’s an anthem for misfits.” I think there isn’t really a moral to the story, but a cry of fed-up and emancipation, “just let me be myself.” the musicians simply explain.

Skopitone Sisko – Dive

Between indie rock and modern pop, Skopitone Sisko immerses you in his fanciful and crafted universe. “Dive” takes you into a spiral that is as liberating as it is exhilarating. An aquatic atmosphere that brings a touch of variety to the already abundant Terra Incognita, the group’s first album, available since March.

Howard – Event Horizon

If Howard’s Event Horizon has been available since 2022, just like the album of the same name, the French hard rock trio nevertheless unveils a shortened version. The epic essence is still present, as is this hint of psychedelic influence.

Arlo Parks – Jasmine

After making her mark on the indie scene with her album Soft Machine, released this year, the British singer is preparing to release a deluxe version on December 8. Among the bonus tracks that enhance this release, we find in particular “Jasmine”, a cover of Jai Paul. Check out his music video now.

Egyptian Blue – A Living Commodity

Straight from Brighton and on the rise, Egyptian Blue recently released their debut studio album, titled A Living Commodity. The title track, as well as its lyric video, are also available. Something to prepare for before their concert at La Boule Noire (Paris), on November 28.

Magnum – Blue Tango

On January 12, 2024, Here Comes The Rain, the 23rd studio album by British hard rock band Magnum, will be released. Armed with a rock-solid groove and catchy choruses brilliantly performed by Bob Catley, they invite you to the track with “Blue Tango”, their new single.

Laake – Liberty

Discover all the melodic sensitivity of Laake, a pianist who adorns his compositions with arrangements that are as fine as they are relevant. In his title “Liberty”, he pays tribute to the acrobatic diver Laura Marino, world champion qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. A piece to be found in Volt, an album already available.

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