Review: LIGHTNING – “Infinity +1”


“Infinito +1” Fulminacci’s new album starts off straight away. Rock it has a super pop groove that accompanies subtle, ironic, satirical and biting lyrics.

Start with a Fulminacci message: it’s going to rock!

And immediately after to continue at a high level with You can where he calls his friends Nuclear Tactical Penguins. He could very well join the band. The dimension is the same, the musical terrain is the same. They are the unison of a certain Italian pop.

“Infinity +1” continues like this. In addition to the already known: All useless, Ragù, Simile and Filippo Leroy, the singles that anticipated the album’s release, the rest moves with the same pace.

Once again the Roman artist pays great attention to the texts which is scrupulous and careful, the choice of words is never random.

Among the collaborations, in addition to the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Giovanni Truppi also enters the scene Gray eyesa love ballad where Truppi alternates with Fulminacci in the sound narration.

Filippo (Filippo Uttinacci is his birth name) closes the circle by slowing down the rhythms in the final two ballads So-so and even more so with the delicate and acoustic The Bush.

A good album that sheds light on all the different facets of Fulminacci, the ironic, funny, light-hearted one and the introspective, acoustic and romantic one.

SCORE: 7.00


Smash – Gray eyes – The hedge


Everything useless I don’t like it, maybe just this one!


1. Rock
2. You can feat. Nuclear Tactical Penguins
3. Ragù
4. Philip Leroy
5. Similar
6. Gray Eyes feat. Giovanni Truppi
7. Kiss me Kiss me
8. All useless
9. So-so
10. The hedge

2019 – Life really
2021 – Best wishes
2023 – Infinity +1




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