Playlist of the week #264

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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

The weekend playlist can also be streamed!

Hermanos Gutiérrez – Blood Milk Moon

Let yourself be transported by the dreamlike arpeggios of the duo Hermanos Gutiérrez. In this track, the guitarists remember the copper moon they saw in Mexico City, during a trip with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), who also produced this track.

Dorian Sorriaux – I Believe That You Can Change

After cutting his teeth in the Swedish hard blues group Blues Pills, Breton guitarist Dorian Sorriaux is embarking on new adventures as a solo artist. Discover him in a more folk light with “I Believe That You Can Change Your Mind”, his brand new single.

Lemon Rose – Set a man on fire

Return to the age of VHS with “Set a man on fire”, the new single from Lemon Rose. Rhythmic and old school, this piece of light and tangy rock adds a little lightness, even sunshine, to the end-of-year holiday atmosphere. Find this track in the EP The Bean, scheduled for February 2.

Peter Deaves & Bobbie – Opening Night

Liverpudlian folk artist based in France Peter Deaves brings out the beauty of his arpeggios in the song “Opening Night”, nourished by the influences of Townes Van Zandt and Ricky Nelson. He invites the Austrian singer Bobbie, whose beautiful interpretation blends wonderfully with the whole.

Mad Foxes – Hurricanes

French alternative rock trio Mad Foxes are laying the groundwork for their upcoming album titled Inner Battles. Its release date is scheduled for February 2. So, take a blast with “Hurricanes,” their new single.

Venus Worship – So It’s War

The young Parisian grunge trio Venus Worship presents their new single “So It’s War”. A surge of energy and unbridled emotions to be found in their first EP, Relapse, scheduled for January 26, 2024.

Purrs – Serotonin

Discover “Serotonin”, the new single from French alternative rock band Purrs, making their comeback from their EP Rhythm + Ethics, released in 2021. Here, the quartet explores the theme of anxiety with unbridled rage.

Louis Arlette – Lapis Lazuli

French pop poet Louis Arlette presents a new single entitled “Lapis Lazuli”, in which he shows a scansion closer to slam than to singing. “ The words (ills) become too numerous to be stretched into a catchy melody » he declares. “Need rhythmic loops, chanting, repetition, and above all… freedom! »

Tom Odell – Answer Phone

A guitar and a voice are all Tom Odell needs on “Answer Phone,” his latest single. To be found in his next album Black Friday, in which he shows an artistic direction closer to the intimate, with pieces freed from structural constraints. See you on January 26.

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