Playlist of the week #265

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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

The weekend playlist can also be streamed!

Structures – Strange Feeling

The Amiens alternative rock group Structures has already made a name for itself this year with the release of the album A Place for my Hate. Always eager to promote it, he puts images on “Strange Feeling”, an energetic track with a hint of darkness to add a little mystery to the whole thing.

The Damn Truth – I Just Gotta Let You Know

Here is “I Just Gotta Let You Know”, the latest single from The Damn Truth, a Canadian psychedelic rock band. Lee-La Baum’s grain of voice always works wonders, enhanced by energetic riffs and particular work on the sound, notably thanks to star producer Bob Rock.

LeanWolf – Frustration

Time to groove with Quentin Aubignac’s blues rock project: LeanWolf. Preparing the ground for his album Limbo, scheduled for February 2, 2024, he releases the danceable and warm “Frustration”, to discover now.

Nick Wheeldon – Black Madonna

Nick Wheeldon presents a new single to keep you waiting before the release of his next album, entitled Waiting For The Piano To Fall, scheduled for February 2, 2024. Enjoy the light pop flights of the poetic “Black Madonna”, strongly inspired by Beatles ballads.

Eighty Ninety – Snowflakes in Your Hair

Winter atmosphere at the New York indie-pop group Eighty Ninety, who are releasing the delicate and refreshing single “Snowflakes in Your Hair” for the holidays. A title that adds to their first album, released this year, which shows a desire to highlight melodies, against a backdrop of minimalist compositions.

William Doyle – Relentless Melt

British singer William Doyle brings a little joy at the end of the year with the rhythmic and light “Relentless Melt”, his latest single to date. A title to be found in Springs Eternal, his next studio album, whose themes are personal, without being strictly autobiographical. See you on February 16.

Lehmanns Brothers – Open Your Heart

Inspired by soul and funk, the Angoulême group Lehmanns Brothers presents the sunny Open Your Heart, showing their taste for groove. To be found in the album Playground, scheduled for February 2.

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