Playlist of the week #266

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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

The weekend playlist can also be streamed!

Dust Mice – Archimedes Death Ray

Embark with Dust Mice in the soaring and ethereal atmospheres of their single “Archimedes Death Ray”. Captivating and captivating, this title portends the best for Room With A Room, their next album, which is scheduled for release on January 26.

The Blue Footed Boobies – Love You Little Gal

The Marseille bluesmen of The Blue Footed Boobies bring their charm to bear on their new single: “Live You Little Gal”. Calm tempo and suave atmosphere, two essential ingredients for a foolproof lovesong. To be found in their new album, already available.

Mario Lalli & The Rubber Snake Charmers – Other Desert Cities

The new desert rock supergroup brings together Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson, ex-Yawning Man), Brant Bjork (ex-Kyuss), Ryan Güt (Stöner) and poet Sean Wheeler. Discover “Other Desert Cities”, their warm and original first single, which offers a first look at Folklore From The Other Desert Cities, their debut album, due out March 29.

The Clamps – Blood

On January 12, Megamouth, the next album from Italian fuzz group The Clamps, is released. Riffs hammered to the rhythm of powerful drums cement the single “Blood”, with incandescent energy and raw power.

Hoorsees – Artschool

January 12 is getting closer, and with it the release of Big, the next album from the dreampop group Hoorsees. The Parisians make you tap your feet to the rhythm of their wild cowbell on the single “Artschool”.

Kabbalah – Sailor’s Lament

Kabbalah presents a soaring and ethereal homage to the work of Creedence Clearwater Revival with a personal cover of “Sailor’s Lament”. To be found in the tribute album Burn on the Bayou, where many artists pay tribute to John Fogerty’s group.

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