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Here is the weekend playlist, in which the WECB France editorial staff looks back on their favorites and discoveries of the week!

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Cage the Elephant – Neon Pill

Five years after the release of the album Social Cues, the American rock group Cage The Elephant is back with a new single that is as melancholic as it is catchy. Titled Neon Pill, it serves as the lead single from their upcoming album, details of which have not yet been released.

Chelsea Wolfe – Everything Turns Blue

The American musician continues to tease her next album, titled She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She and scheduled for February 9. Discover Everything Turns Blue, in which Chelsea Wolfe strikes everyone’s heartstrings with her intoxicating dark folk.

Neck Deep – Dumbstruck Dumbf**k

Make way for punk on wheels with the delirious “Dumbstruck Dumbf**k”. As its title indicates, Neck Deep is not here to play finesse, but on the contrary awakens adolescent impulses with a sunny and energetic track, in line with their new album, already available.

Penny Arcade – Jona

“Jona” is the first single from Backwater Collage, the first album from the new Penny Arcade project, led by James Hoare (The Proper Ornaments, Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls). Delicate indie title carried by beautiful arpeggios, it announces the best for the sequel, scheduled for May 3.

Rachel Chinouriri – Never Need Me

A bit of upbeat indie pop with the lilting, stirring “Never Need Me.” English singer Rachel Chinouriri performs lively and catchy singing lines. This track is taken from “What A Devastating Turn of Events”, his debut album, due out May 3.

Jesper Lindell – Never Gonna Last

The Swedish folk musician continues to gradually reveal pieces from his next album. Here is “Never Gonna Last”, a moving title, carried by the characteristic voice of Jesper Lindell, supported by beautiful choirs. To be found in Before the Sun, scheduled for March 1st.

Yard Act – We Make Hits

Take a part of Weezer, a dose of Red Hot Chili Peppers, sprinkle with just the right amount of modernity and you get “We Make Hits”, the deliciously 90s-flavored new single from Yard Act. To be found in Where’s My Utopia?, scheduled for March 1st.

Astrel K – Darkness At Noon

A bit of indie pop with the friendly “Darkness At Noon”, a languorous and finely interpreted track, in which the gentle keyboard parts meet brass skilfully slipped into the chorus. A track to be found in The Foreign Department, Astrel K’s next album, scheduled for release on March 8.

The Twin Souls – Tenderly

The talented duo The Twin Souls join forces with distinguished guitarist Yarol Poupaud (FFF) in their new single, entitled “Tenderly”. “We could easily imagine Yarol doing a solo for which he has the secret on our song “Tenderly” but to push the collaboration further, we gave him the lead guitar and half of the song to perform. In just a few takes, it was in the box! The rest was just fun, good food and wild jams! » A collaboration present in Family & Friends, album scheduled for February 9.

Ty Segall – My Best Friend

The dog is man’s best friend, Ty Segall shows it well in the music video for “My Best Friend”. The American musician always cultivates strangeness and musicality, with a dissonant melody of which he has the secret. This track will be present in Three Bells, his next album, scheduled for January 26.

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