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While waiting for the fifth (and probably last) Amadeus Festival, we have created a playlist with the greatest hits of the 4 previous editions under his artistic direction: from “Brividi” to “Cenere”, from “Fai rumore” to Måneskin, passing for Mengoni and the Nuclear Tactical Penguins.

While waiting for February 6, the official start date of the 74th Italian Song Festival, we also retrace through a special playlist the greatest hits launched by Ariston from 2020 to 2024, i.e. during the “golden age” of Amadeus, which brought Sanremo is at the center of the interest of the Italian recording market: in 4 editions of the Festival, a total of 121 platinum records and 19 gold records were certified, while of the 119 songs competing, over half were certified (67).

Sanremo 2020: The Amadeus era begins with Diodato’s victory with “Make noise”; shortly thereafter the Covid-19 pandemic will break out and it will become one of its symbolic songs; consecration for Pinguini Tattici Nucleari (third), who will become one of the most loved and followed bands of this decade. Levante’s “Tikibombom” also reaches number 1 on the radio (out of the top 10 at the Festival), Elettra Lamborghini, twenty-first, takes home a double platinum with “Musica (e il resto disappear”), while among the Young ones, where Leo Gassmann wins, Fasma stands out (double platinum with “Per felt alive”). Among the key moments, Bugo’s abandonment on stage during the performance with Morgan.

Sanremo 2021: the Pandemic Festival, where for the first and only time in its history, the event took place without an audience. Irama comes fifth with “La genesi del tuo colore” in “dad”, without ever having performed live but with a video recorded during rehearsals, due to a member of his staff testing positive for Covid. The winner was the rock band Måneskin, who would also triumph in the Eurovision Song Contest (the last one was Toto Cutugno 31 years earlier, in 1990) and which would mark the beginning of a great international success for them, including the USA. “Musica leggissima” by Colapesce Dimartino also triumphs on the radio, consecration for Madame with “Voce”. Annalisa did well with “Dieci” (double plaitno), La Representative di Lista (“Amare”) and Coma_Cose with “Fiamme nei occhi” stood out outside the top 10.

Sanremo 2022: In the Festival in which the Youth section is somehow merged with that of the Bigs (but not for the first time), the Mahmood/Blanco pairing triumphs with “Brividi” (7 platinum records, currently the best-selling of the 4 editions), followed by the return to the Festival of Elisa and Gianni Morandi. At the foot of the podium, Irama (“Ovunque hai”), “Farfalle” by Sangiovanni and above all, which will last throughout the summer, “Ciao ciao” by La Representative di Lista and “Dove di balla” by Dargen D’Amico (6 platinum records, currently the third best-selling in these 4 years). “Insuperabile” by Rkomi also did well (but only 17th in the final ranking at the Festival). Among the young people admitted among the Bigs, Tananai comes last (and celebrates), managing to transform it into a springboard for great success.

Sanremo 2023: The announced winner, Marco Mengoni, does an encore with “Due vite” (5 platinum discs), followed by Lazza (the best-selling of the year with 7 platinum discs for “Cenere” and the most programmed on the radio ); The outsider Mr. Rain climbs onto the lowest step of the podium (5 platinum discs with “Supereroi”), Tananai redeems himself in fifth place with the appreciated “Tango” (4 platinum discs). The controversial Rosa Chemical (“Made in Italy”) enters the top 10, Paola & Chiara, fresh from their reunion, regain position 17 in the charts with “Furore”, as does Mara Sattei at 19 with “Duemilaminuti”. Elodie also did well with “Due” and the return of Madame with “Il bene nel male”. With an average of 62.96%, it is the most followed edition since 1995.

Here are all the songs that have been certified at least one platinum disc in order, waiting to find out who will be added to the list for 2024!

MAHMOOD & BLANCO – Chills (7 platinum)

LAZZA – Ashes (7 platinum)

DARGEN D’AMICO – Where we dance (6 platinum)

MÅNESKIN – Quiet and Good (5 platinum)

MARCO MENGONI – Two lives (5 platinum)

COLAPESCE DIMARTINO – Very light music (5 platinum)

MR. RAIN – Superheroes (5 platinum)

SANGIOVANNI – Butterflies (5 platinum)

TANANAI – Tango (4 platinum)

THE LIST REPRESENTATIVE – Bye bye (4 platinums)

IRAMA – Wherever You Are (4 Platinum)

MADAME – Vocals (4 platinum)

DIODATO – Make noise (3 platinums)

NUCLEAR TACTICAL PENGUINS – Ringo Starr (3 platinum)

FRANCESCA MICHIELIN & FEDEZ – Call me by name (3 platinum)

MADAME – Good in evil (3 platinum)

RKOMI – Unsurpassed (3 platinum)

IRAMA – The Genesis of Your Color (3 Platinums)

ELISA – Or maybe it’s you (2 platinums)

COMA_COSE – Flames in the eyes (2 platinums)

ROSA CHEMICAL – Made in Italy (2 platinum)

FRANCESCO GABBANI – Viceversa (2 platinum)

ANNALISA – Ten (2 platinum)

ELODIE – Two (2 platinum)

MARA SATTEI – Two thousand minutes (2 platinum)

ACHILLE LAURO – I don’t care (2 platinums)

ELETTRA LAMBORGHINI – Music (and the rest disappears) (2 platinum)

TANANAI – Casual Sex (2 Platinums)

FASMA – To feel me alive (2 platinum)

LEVANTE – Tikibombom (1 platinum)

GIANNI MORANDI – Open all doors (1 platinum)

THE LIST REPRESENTATIVE – Amare (1 platinum)

NOEMI – Glicine (1 platinum)

DITONELLAPIAGA & RECTORE – Chemistry (1 platinum)

PAOLA & CHIARA – Furore (1 platinum)

LAST – Alba (1 platinum)

COLAPESCE DIMARTINO – Splash (1 platinum)

ARIES – Sea of ​​​​trouble (1 platinum)

ELODIE – Andromeda (1 platinum)

WILLIE PEYOTE – Never say never (la locura) (1 platinum)

AKA 7EVEN – Perfect Like This (1 platinum)

ACHILLE LAURO – Sunday (1 platinum)

COMA_COSE – The farewell (1 platinum)

MATTEO ROMANO – Viral (1 platinum)

EMMA – It’s like this every time (1 platinum)

NOEMI – I love you I can’t say it (1 platinum)

OLLY – Dust (1 platinum)

gIANMARIA – Monster (1 platinum)

FASMA – Talk to me (1 platinum)




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