Pop Alert: Aitana and Shawn Mendes, together in the bombshell collaboration in 2024?

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2024 begins and with it a year full of music. The industry is preparing to surprise listeners around the world over the next twelve months and there are some who have decided to go overboard, judging by the latest information. We barely knew much about what he’s up to. Aitana beyond the concert he will give at the Santiago Bernabeú on December 28. However, The Spanish pop princess could be about to release her most international collaborationwith permission from the one he shares with Katy Perry.

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The latest rumor that is rapidly circulating on social networks indicates that Aitana could soon release a song with, no more and no less, than with Canadian star Shawn Mendes. Yes, many will have run to look at the date on the calendar in case April Fool’s Day was repeated. However, the rumor is supported by the latest publications that the artists themselves have shared and the coincidences that exist between the two.

Aitana’s featuring with Shawn Mendes

It seems that both Aitana and Shawn Mendes have said goodbye to 2023 enjoying the beaches of Costa Rica. The Catalan has posted a gallery to inaugurate the year where she appears dressed in a spectacular swimsuit. The Canadian, for his part, has uploaded several images in which he is seen enjoying a long day of surfing and quad trips with friends. So far everything is more or less normal.

The detail that has not been overlooked by the artists’ fandom is the caption that both have used. And Aitana and Shawn Mendes have written the same two words to congratulate their followers on the new year: “Pure Life”.

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Taking into account that The two singers have followed each other on Instagram since Aitana left Otriumph perationthat she planned a musical surprise for the first months of 2024 and that it is too much of a coincidence that the two use the same two words in Spanish to publish a post, what else has to happen for us to be faced with the most explosive collaboration of the year?

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We have some wonderful illusions and we are already fantasizing about youn Miss 2.0. starring Aitana and Shawn Mendes. Now we just have to wait and see if reality surpasses fiction and all the hopes we have placed in those two Instagram posts. Cross our fingers!

Aitana’s projects for 2024

As Aitana has reported, the singer’s 2024 will involve several professional projects: releasing three or four songs throughout the year, the premiere of behind the wall, his film for Netflix; festival tour during the summer season and the finale of the Alpha Tour at the Santiago Bernabeú on December 28. Is there or is there no desire for Aitana in 2024?


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