SANREMO 2024 on the floating stage: TEDUA, BRESH, BOB SINCLAIR and GIGI D’AGOSTINO

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New year and new surprises for Sanremo 2024. The guests of the floating stage on the Costa Smeralda have been announced.

Top notch music for ship guests Costa Smeralda anchored off the coast of Sanremo, also connected to the Ariston Theater every evening.

The Italian rapper Tedua will inaugurate the stage set up on the Costa Smeralda ship, owned by Costa Crociere. The world-famous DJ and record producer, Bob Sinclair, will perform on the second evening of the Festival; on the third evening it will be the turn of the Italian singer Bresh; on the stage of Costa Smeralda, in the fourth evening the great return of Gigi D’Agostino, DJ, record producer and radio host.

Tedua has the task of closing, with a special guest, the performances of the artists of the “third stage of Sanremo”.



Ghali = “My home”

Alessandra Amoroso = “Up to here”

Gazelles = “That’s all”

Ricchi e Poveri = “But not all of life”

Dargen D’Amico = “High wave”

Angelina Mango = “Boredom”

Fred De Palma = “Heaven doesn’t want us”

Fiorella Mannoia = “Mariposa”

Loredana Bertè = “Crazy”

Mr Rain = “Two Swings”

Geolier = “I p’me, tu’pte”

negramaro = “Let’s start everything again”

Rose Villain = “Click Boom!”

Mahmood = “Gold tracksuit”

Diodato = “You move”

Annalisa = “Sincerely”

Il Volo = “Masterpiece”

Emma = “Apnea”

Renga & Nek = “Crazy about you”

La Sad = “Self-destructive”

Irama = “Not you”

Big Mama = “Anger is not enough for you”

The Kolors = “One boy, one girl”

Sangiovanni = “Finish me”

Three = “Fragile”

Alpha = “Go!”

Maninni = “Spectacular”

Clara = “Diamonds in the rough”

French Saints = “Love in the mouth”

bnkr44 = “Punk Government”



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