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A multisensory and emotional journey.

At some point we have all fallen into the false seduction of melancholy, living off those moments in which we felt full and that today have simply become memories; To materialize this feeling, Noble Savage lance “Now”a single that explores the tragedy of the human condition, where the inability to live in the present becomes an emotional journey.

And since art has multiple ways of manifesting itself, this song could not pass up the opportunity to be represented in an audiovisual format made by the collective, South. Film Duo (Jose Betancourt from Acapulco and Mariana Saldivar From chiapas). Here we can see the protagonist, who is trapped in the shadow of the past, struggle to free himself from a disastrous relationship that acts like an addiction, taking him to the past and depriving him of the enjoyment of the present.

In this film, we seek at all times to give a physical form to the different sensations that we carry, to give shape to the names that no longer have a face and to the duality that lives in us in memory,” he expressed. South. Film Duo.

A video that, from the beginning, was planned to be recorded in black and white to symbolize the search for light among the shadows. Masterfully capturing the essence of the song with the help of the dancers, Sky blue and Hector, the influence of Marina Abramović and the expressionist current. Press play! and enjoy it exclusively here on Indie Rocks!

“Now” and “war” are the first revelations of their next LP scheduled to be released during the month of April. Both singles focus on human duality represented by black and white, the past and the future and how these thoughts focus on the mental formations that govern us as individuals and become our impulses plagued by disturbed sensations.

Noble Savageis a project born in Los Angeles, California, defined as a faceless face, in a perpetual hall of mirrors, an elusive character, a poet, a steppenwolf, a revolutionary, a belligerent artist and a magician with intense social anxiety who trusts Hari Sama to have a voice for the outside world, using as the project’s subblog the alchemical symbol of mercury, which according to Paracelsusis the element that transmutes and transforms.

With this launch, Noble Savage begins 2024 consolidating its synth pop with touches of dark wave that oscillate between light and darkness, to begin a series of concerts in Mexico and the United States. Don’t miss any details through their social networks.

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