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Social commitment, the visibility of women and permanence processes.

The cultural world has many doors that you can open and close easily, it all depends on the attitude and interest you have. Sonia Aviles, is a communicator by profession who, thanks to her tenacity and interest in learning, has become a music promoter and manager; she as well as founder of El Colibrí Cultural Agency and co-founder of EIMIM Mexico.

“I came to CDMX in 2013 precisely to do social service for the University in Lake House in the entertainment area, that’s where it all began. I started to make my own path thanks to Mother Polka; I was his assistant. From that band onwards everything began to accelerate. My initial goal was to lean towards the topic of cultural management and somehow everything fell into place, soon I started attending music markets, I was working with a record label called Heart Discs as a tour manager, also as PR for an independent label.”

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Independently, Sonia Aviles She has undertaken her own projects, always close to the thread of curiosity and, above all, the learning that each of these stages can offer her.

“I began to be interested in working with groups from other countries because of the cultural richness that always exists, because of the way of speaking, because of the food; That sharing of knowledge is very important to me and makes me very curious about the music, the spaces and the people I meet. Two words that identify me within everything I have done are curiosity and management.”

El Colibrí Cultural Agency It was the first path he built based on his knowledge, officially starting it in 2017; giving themselves a space to work not only on musical projects, but also to get to know themselves as a person.

I have dared to do things that sometimes it is not necessarily that I know how to do them, but rather it is like opening yourself up to the opportunity to be in constant learning and there will always be people from whom you will learn a lot. In some way having a vocation in music is also important; We have reached a point where we are already analyzing where we stand, to where it is worth giving everything in a business without putting yourself as a priority.”

The interest in continuing to build more and more paths occurred by chance and always accompanied by talented women who shared their feelings and objectives; that’s how he was born Ibero-American Meeting of Women in the Musical Industry (EIMIM).

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“Two years after hummingbird was that EIMIM started; It was a super fast process. I was in conversations with a colleague and for me it was like saying something on air. We decided to create a meeting space thinking about a musical market profile; but it began as something purely of connections through talks, conversations. The first edition was made in May 2019. Then a pandemic came but we thought a lot about networking and that was why I made the alliance with an Argentine colleague, sometimes networks are trial and error, many times things do not work as expected. We have our own space with the opportunity to generate things, like a laboratory in which if we think of having a talk, we generate it, and if we want a workshop we do everything thinking about the issue of women and not thinking precisely about the occupation. of men within music, but because I have felt that the coexistence of women is very scarce. It is a space for them to recognize themselves.”

It is very normal that life works like this in a constant trial and error, however, you have to persist in your objectives until you see them fulfilled in something real just as you have done. Sonia Aviles in all these years.

In the resilience race, constant stops have had to be made because it has been overwhelming to understand how to reach a certain point you have to go through many processes that go hand in hand with your physical and mental health. In the artistic field it is very easy to get lost in the attempt because you do not have the emotional capacity to be in that process of permanence.”

I would like to be a promoter and/or music manager, how can I achieve it?


“Always be open to learning regardless of where you are generationally, that will always give you the guideline to choose the path you decide.”

“Establish a financial plan to make decisions.”

“Learn to generate exchanges. It’s not all money”.


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