Quevedo, Bizarrap and Shakira, the leaders of album and song sales in Spain in 2023

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Promusicae, the association that brings together the main music producers in Spain, has published the annual sales lists of the albums and songs that were successful in our country in 2023. A list that, as happened with the ranking of the main streaming reproduction platforms, once again elevates Quevedo in the section of the best-selling album with Where I want to be already Bizarre and Shakira as the best-selling song thanks to his BZRP Music Sessions #53.

The curious thing about this circumstance is that 2 of the 3 names of this Top of albums and hits that were made in 2022 are repeated. A circumstance that speaks volumes about the most successful producer to date with whom both the Canarian soloist collaborated like the Colombian interpreter.

Much of the expectation generated to receive Quevedo’s album is due to that 52nd session (the one numerically preceding Shakira’s) which continues to generate millions of views every day (617 million on YouTube at the moment). The rest of the magic was done by the Canarian artist himself with other great songs like Columbia or Playa del InglĂ©s.

The best-selling albums of 2023 in Spain

The rise of urban and Latin music capitalized on the top positions on the Top 100 albums chart. As we have already seen, the ranking of the best-selling albums of 2023 in Spain is headed by Quevedo who managed to surpass another of the musical whirlwinds of last year: Karol G. The podium is completed with Bad Bunny and his album Un Verano sin ti, which has already achieved second place in 2022. In fact, the one from Puerto Rico also appears in fourth place with Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

We have to go down to fifth place to find the best-selling Spanish artist. Aitana achieves that honor with her alpha albuma very creditable position considering that the album was released in September of last year, surpassing El Madrileño by C. Tangana in sixth place (published in 2021).

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The interest in Latin music is evident, with a good number of Latin artists in the Top 100 albums occupying No. 1 in some week (Bad Bunny, Karol G, Eladio CarriĂłn and Mora). In the total ranking of 2023, in addition to Karol G at No. 2 and Bad Bunny at No. 3 and 4, Saturno by Rauw Alejandro reaches the top positions at No. 7, No. 9 is held by Feid with his work Happy Birthday Ferxxo We Hack You the album while No. 10 goes to Mora with ParaĂ­so.

The international presence is completed on the lists with artists like Taylor Swift who sneak into the Top100 Albums 2023 with 5 albums, with 1989 (Taylor’s version) remaining the highest at No. 8 on the list.

  1. Quevedo – Where I want to be
  2. Karol G – Tomorrow will be nice
  3. Bad Bunny – A summer without you
  4. Bad Bunny – Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow
  5. Aitana – alpha
  6. C. Tangana – The Madrid native
  7. Rauw Alejandro – Saturn
  8. Taylor Swift – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)
  9. Feid – Happy Birthday Ferxxo We pirated your album
  10. Mora – Paradise

The best-selling songs of 2023 in Spain

For years it has been easy to identify which is the best-selling song in Spain. You just need to take a look at the trends of the main streaming channels for this (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube…). The rise of Latin music has also caused songs in Spanish, usually dominating the ranking, to dominate the rest of the music in English. In fact, only 7 songs in that language make it into the top 100 positions.

As we said in the headline and at the beginning of the article, the first place goes to Bizarrap and Shakira with their BZRP music sessions, vol. 53 followed by El Merengue by Marshmello and Manuel Turizo. Completing the podium is the nightclub Nightentera de Vicco, the first Spanish artist and the first Spanish artist in the ranking.

The rest of the positions in the Top10 are a string of repetition of names that give success to the artists who have impacted the public the most in 2023: Manuel Turizo, Yangel and Feid (5), Karol G and Shakira, Myke Towers and Quevedo, RosalĂ­a and Rauw Alejandro…

  1. Bizarrap and Shakira – BZRP Music Sessions #53
  2. Marshmello and Manuel Turizo – El merengue
  3. Vicco – Nochentera
  4. Manuel Turizo – La bachata
  5. Yangel and Feid – Yandel 150
  6. Karol G and Shakira – TQG
  7. Quevedo and Myke Towers – Playa del InglĂ©s
  8. Quevedo – Columbia
  9. RosalĂ­a and Rauw Alejandro – Kiss
  10. Myke Towers – Lala

The best-selling vinyls of 2023 in Spain

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A wide variety of recording works, both new and classic, fill the vinyl sales account in 2023, which continues to rise as we mentioned previously. More than 50% of the albums on the list are by Spanish artists, and among others we find: RosalĂ­a’s Motomami, which, if in 2022 was the best-selling of this format, remains at No. 2 in 2023. El Madrileño (Sony Music) by C. Tangana continues to achieve success this year, ending up on the list at No. 4.

However, the main protagonist of this ranking is Taylor Swift, who in addition to taking the throne of being the best-selling vinyl in Spain in 2023 with 1989 (Taylor’s Version), managed to sneak two other albums into the top 10 positions: Speak now (Taylor’s version) in third place and Midnights (Taylor’s Version) in 6th place.

  1. Taylor Swift – 1989 (Taylor’s Version)
  2. RosalĂ­a – Motomami
  3. Taylor Swift – Speak now (Taylor’s version)
  4. C. Tangana – El Madrileño
  5. Harry Styles – Harry’s house
  6. Taylor Swift – Midnights (Taylor’s Version)
  7. Aitana – alpha
  8. Olivia Rodrigo – Guts
  9. Pink Floyd – The dark side of the moon
  10. The Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds

Music consumption in Spain

The data that GfK, a global leader in data and data analytics, has collected in 2023 for PROMUSICAE – the association that represents 95% of the Spanish record market – and AGEDI, the management entity for music producers, show that consumers continue to listen to recorded music through the different music platforms in their daily habits. streaming audio. By 2023, streaming will already represent 87% of music consumption this year. It should be noted that, within the listening of songs, consumption is greatly reinforced through paid subscriptions which, with an encouraging growth of 20%, now represent 56% of total consumption in audio streaming. However, we are still far from countries like France or the United Kingdom, where this percentage exceeds 80%.

Furthermore, and in the sum of the free and subscription modalities, the audio streaming consumption data for 2023 surpasses that of 2022, since 87 billion listeners have been reached on all digital streaming platforms. of audio compared to the 72,000 million of the previous year. This powerful increase confirms the consumption data published a few days ago by the IFPI world report “Engaging with Music” according to which in Spain music consumption is above average (with an average of 21.6 hours per week further raising the 2022 figure of 20.7 hours). Converting the previous data to songs, we Spaniards are listening to more than 238 million songs a day.


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