Tate McRae: “The music industry is a constant roller coaster. I try not to be hyperfixated on either the best or the worst”

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The world of pop has a new potential star: Tate McRae. Last December, the young Canadian artist released her second studio album, Think Later. An album with which he commits himself body and soul to pop to show us that it is much more than a simple viral song on TikTok, although he recognizes that the platform has helped him achieve global exposure and visibility.

And who really is Tate McRae? In his own words, “an aspiring musician, who dances and sings. “Who writes a lot of poetry and stories… and who tries to tell stories through music.” A simple definition in broad strokes, but effective, and which reveals to us the cornerstone of his career: that of one performer Complete that he is also capable of composing his own songs.

With great simplicity and very clear ideas, the young Canadian attended us to talk, among other things, about her second album, the importance of combining dance and singing in her artistic project, her evolution within the music industry and her future tour of Europe—with a double stop in Spain included.

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The music industry, “a roller coaster” that you have to know how to master

His first connection with music was not directly through singing. First came the dance, and she even thought that when she grew up she would be a professional dancer. What’s more, one of the most curious anecdotes about her is that she was selected, through an online contest, to dance on stage with Justin Bieber at one of his tour concerts Purpose Tour when he was only 12 years old.

However, almost five years have passed since his debut album. A key period of time that symbolizes the leap and great change from 16 to 20 years old, and what this entails: growing as a person, defining your principles with conviction and finding a place within the world. “When I released my first EP I was 16 years old and still living in Canada. Now I live in Los Angeles and I feel like music is my entire life. It is no longer a hobby or something secondary,” he declared.

He has also told us that the possibility of combining the best of both worlds, singing and dancing, arose when he was 18 or 19 years old; That is, not that long ago. “At that age I began to wonder How could I incorporate dance into all of this? and for a while I had an internal debate. I feel that “Over the last six months I have been working to bring the two disciplines together and being able to dance in my performances has been a dream come true for me,” has added.

And what he has learned about the music industry in this time is that “it is a flow of events: in terms of numbers, people listening to you, what is happening in your life… It’s a constant roller coaster, so I try not to be hyperfixated on either the best or the worst. I advocate trying to always put art first, and make sure you’re taking care of your mental health, because I think if you fall on either side of this spectrum, if you limit your vision to just one thing (good or bad) It’s something that would drive you crazy.”

Likewise, he has stated that “it is very easy to get distracted and veer down the wrong path,” in an industry where there are so many voices, so “the important thing is to maintain your integrity and remind yourself why you started doing this in the first place.”

Rosalía, source of inspiration and reference

In this effort to combine song and danceTate McRae has a clear example to follow: Rosalía. The more international Motomami has helped him “think beyond the established.”

“I feel inspired whenever I see his videos and the way his albums and songs take shape. “She has a very brilliant brain to learn from and I admire her very much,” he declared.

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