Quevedo says goodbye and fulfills his forecast: “2024 will disappear”

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Everything pointed to Quevedo had something to tell us. The canary began 2024 by deleting all traces of his social networks, leaving his Instagram blank. What was the first thought of his more than three million followers? “In the end it was true.” He already said it in Now what: “2021 sow, 2022 reap, 2023 crown, 2024 disappear.”

New music? Collaborations? Far from any assumption, the canary says that he distances himself from everything public for a while. Quevedo says goodbye – don’t worry, it doesn’t disappear, it just goes away for a while – from his followers, although his song assures that it is pure coincidence. “I know everyone is wondering about the typical phrase of 2024 and all that, but hey, I had to do what I had to do and I got a vacation.”the artist confessed in an Instagram live.

“Since it came out Night fell “I haven’t stopped,” he confessed when connecting the live stream. It’s not a literal farewell, but she has made it clear that she will be stepping away from the stage for a while. To rest, disconnect and create more top songs to enjoy as much as possible.

Always close to his followers, he wanted to bring them all together – well, everything, not all, because there are more than three million – to thank them for everything he has achieved thanks to their love: “I wanted to thank you for the support, we have done a hell of a tour through Latin America and Spain”, he assured. With ‘DQE Tour’ (Where I Want to Be) Quevedo has toured the entire country throughout the past year, in addition to crossing the pond to perform on stages in Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, among others.

Quevedo at CCME 2023. / DANIEL CRUZ

“Maybe I’ll be back soon and maybe as an album, who knows?” He left the door open to projects and promised his loyal fans that when we hear from him again, we will possibly have a new quality album: “Artists, if we want to do something that has meaning, it takes time,” he highlighted.

In addition, he will not only move away from the stage, as if it were a spiritual retreat, he will also leave social networks for a longer period of time: “Don’t expect to see me on the networks, I’m going to try to disconnect because I’m addicted to TikTok and I have to get away ”, he advanced.

One last surprise

Quevedo was not going to say goodbye without announcing that there is still a surprise to offer before his break. “There is still one last thing that you will see. It is a gift for you and for myself, soon,” he stated. Will it be the collaboration with Aitana? The artist herself confessed that they have something on their hands, where the Canarian has the greatest part of the power. “You will know things soon. He will tell it, because it is his. I think people are going to freak out, it’s strong, very cool, I love it. It’s more of a Quevedo style, but obviously with my touch,” the Catalan said in an interview for GQ.

Quevedo has achieved in just four years what most musical artists dream of when beginning their career. Everything he sings becomes a great song, and artists fight to collaborate with him. Among his repertoire of songs, he shares songs with colleagues of the caliber of Karol G, Lola Indigo, Anuel either Maluma, and is considered one of the most beloved on the Spanish urban scene. On a professional level, Quevedo can’t ask for much more, he’s doing great, but since 2020 he has been non-stop with music. And now, he asks for a break. We don’t know when he comes back, but we know he will.


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