Rauw Alejandro confirms that he has recorded ‘Se fue’ with Laura Pausini: “The song is done, expect it soon”

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The performance of the Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro was one of the most surprising in the last edition of the Latin Grammys, held in Seville on November 16. For her show she chose to revisit He went away, the success of Laura Pausini, the person honored as Person of the Year. The staging, that oversized white suit, him facing his pain after the breakup with Rosalía, such a minimalist and sincere version of the song, and, of course, his tears, were decisive for his to become a of the most shocking and viral performances of the night.

After that show, the reactions did not take long to appear and Laura Pausini was one of the first to evaluate Rauw’s performance: “I was not expecting it, and let me tell you something. I like his version more than mine,” she confessed in exclusively for Cadena Dial, adding that “it would be beautiful” to record the song with Rauw. There were also many fans of Pausini and Alejandro who asked a collaboration between both. And now, that collaboration is a reality, as confirmed by the singer of Saturn In a recent interview with Chente Ydrach.

Rauw visited the space of the actor, comedian and presenter Chente Ydrach for his last program of the year 2023. In a talk of more than an hour and a half, the artist opened up completely, took stock of his career, his successes, his mistakes and of course, about her performance at the Grammys: “I had the idea of ​​doing ‘Se fue’ for my next album. When we were talking about performing at the Grammys and I found out that Laura was Person of the Year, that’s when I thought about taking her out because It made sense,” Rauw says and continues: “When I see her the night before I tell her: ‘Laura, I have a surprise for you.'”

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However, it is towards the end of the interview when he acknowledges: “The song is made complete with Laura Pausini, expect it soon (…) I did it because the support was so much and the people asked for it so much, that Laura and I talked and said, we both have to finish it,” he acknowledged in this talk, in which he also talked about all the projects that has in 2024 as well as some personal experiences, such as the frustration he felt when the networks began to spread speculation about his breakup with Rosalia.


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