Rauw Alejandro’s surprise with Swae Lee at the Louis Vuitton show

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Deluge It is one of the songs of Rauw Alejandro that are being listened to the most on digital platforms. But his fans want new music from his favorite artist, and it seems that the Puerto Rican has heeded his wishes.

Rauw attended the fashion show in Hong Kong (China) of the collection of Pharrell for the Louis Vuitton brand. But he has not enjoyed the event alone, but in the company of the American rapper Swae Lee. And not everything has been a coincidence. And during the parade an unreleased song was played that both are going to present and that will be produced by Pharrell himself. Yes indeed. More details about this are still unknown.

That is what they have revealed on their social networks, where Rauw and Swae have shared an Instagram Story together in which they excitedly give the good news from the parade itself.

Furthermore, the trailer that was heard during the event reveals that Rauw and Swae They will unite English and Spanish in the verses of the song, thus providing a new touch to the discographies of both artists. The rhythms are urban with tropical and R&B touches that take us straight to a plan with friends on the beach.

The news of the collaboration between the two, which will be produced by Pharrell Williams, has completely revolutionized their followers. In fact, they could not help but react to the fragment that is circulating on social networks with messages of emotion. “The way we never know where it’s going to come out rauw,” says a fan. “Great song if they ask me,” adds another. “How good it sounds” and “Let them release it now” are other comments that can be read.

What is clear is that thousands and thousands of people are dying to hear what these two artists have prepared with Pharrell. At the moment it is unknown when it will be released and if it will be accompanied by a video clip, but there shouldn’t be much left for it considering that we have already been able to hear this trailer. They are already warming up!


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