Rebe releases ‘can’t you hear me??’

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Rebeca Díaz, the young singer from Madrid, surprises with 11 fascinating songs that resonate with authentic emotions.

The talented singer and composer from Madrid, Rebecca Diazknown as Rebbehas released his long-awaited album titled Can’t you hear me?. This new musical project comes after his successful EP Right in my room <3 (Live) launched in 2019.

The album, which features 11 captivating songs, runs for 31 minutes, immersing listeners in a unique musical experience. The varied tracklist includes songs such as “I will take you with me to heaven”, “I hate you” and “Marisol”.

The lyrics of the songs, totally new and enveloping, integrate perfectly with the atmosphere of the album. “take me with you” begins the trip with its tranquility and natural vibe, while “love duel” It adds a happier rhythm unexpectedly, offering a novel touch to the collection.

The last clue “without you”contrasts in rhythm, being more cheerful, but the lyrics convey a completely different feeling, creating a shocking and memorable closing.

Can’t you hear me? an album that flows with various rhythms, from the initial tranquility to more vibrant sounds. The lyrics, which go hand in hand with the album cover, reflect authenticity and emotional depth, consolidating Rebbe as an artist who is not afraid to explore new dimensions in her music. A musical journey that invites you to immerse yourself in the emotions and unique experiences of Rebbe.


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