The OT 2023 contestant who was going to be at the Benidorm Fest 2024

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We recognize it: We are totally hooked on the new edition of Triumph operation. In the two months that the program has been running we have fallen in love with its contestants, empathizing with their stories and their personalities. But, did you know that one of them could have been one of the candidates for Benidorm Fest 2024?

This same Monday, January 15, during breakfast, the viewers of the OT live have found out that one of the contestants was approached to appear at the Benidorm Fest. It should be remembered that some of the festival’s proposals are chosen by RTVE. And who did they test? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Lucas. This is what the Uruguayan told the academy:

“During the month of waiting to get here, they called me from Benidorm Fest. I told them no because of OT. They told me “If it is Benidorm Fest, it is Benidorm Fest and not Operación Triunfo. And I said Operación Triunfo.”

It seems that the move has not gone wrong for Lucas, who on January 15, when there are only two weeks left for the Benidorm Fest to be held, the singer is still in the OT academy. Come on, due to logistics I couldn’t have been in both contests at the same time.

The truth is that Lucas has not given more details either. We do not know if the young man sent a song to participate or RTVE contacted him to perform one of the proposals that came from the composers. What we are sure of is that more than one OT 2023 contestant will end up performing at the Benidorm Fest. In fact, many of them have already expressed their desire to coincide on the stage of the famous festival organized by the public broadcaster with the aim of finding the perfect song for Eurovision.

Countdown to Benidorm Fest

There is nothing left for the Benidorm Fest to be celebrated. The first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest will be held on January 30. From that moment on, spectators will learn about the artists’ staging. On Saturday, February 3, we will know the song that will represent Spain in Eurovision 2024.

We will have to wait to find out which of the 16 candidates will represent our country in Malmö on May 11.


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